The Hollywood Country Estate 12-12-67

Here is a trim bootleg. Scrutiny my account for more exemplary bootlegs. Please make merry, ration with friends and please young :) «The Hollywood Palace» December 12, 1967 ( airdate) — U.S. TV — abc Network Venue: El Capitan Theater (owned by ABC at the every so often and renamed the «ABC Hollywood Palace») Hollywood, California, U.S.A. The A&M Records 1967 TV Intimate featuring: --act: Herb Alpert --Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Effrontery--Wes Montgomery --Burt Bacharach --Liza Minnelli --Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66 --The Baja Marimba Bind --Boyce & Hart In COLOR with nearly realize conceive of & very nice TV shape property. Score A! Also features all of the 1967 TV commercials! This was formerly posted as a harmed unplayable DVD. Various rework methods were posted in the earlier young comments but most of the programs used to do this probably elaborate re-encoding of the matter. This kind here did not mean any re-encoding of the media and better dub and chapter menus were added. Since the audio was LPCM, it could be extensively outstanding-tuned with Pro Tools — normalization of the very low levels by almost 15 dB, other be honest transformation repairs with silencing of zero spots, lots of clicks manually removed, plus some low end EQ assist to neaten up the TV shape a bit less twangy-sounding. No digital fracas reduction was used in the audio remastering prepare. Here's the lay of the new lineage/remastering info:The audio and video media was extracted losslessly by Cinematize 2 as simple deluge files. The video media is the same 2 files, though they were cropped tighter with DVD Studio Pro when authoring to snip the zero outset and some of the l-o-o-o-n-n-g abc standing ID that was at the end (cut to about 5 seconds from the 30 seconds). Reveal interpretation details:--Break credits --Commercials: (1) Pruf disseminate starch; (2) Ultra-Brite toothpaste ad with connect flirting on airplane. (rhyme: «Ultra-Brite gives your appeal»). --Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Effrontery — «With A Little Help from My Friends» (advantageous) --Herb Alpert (act) talks about his bind, the Tijuana Effrontery, and their lp = «long playing» party, A&M records. (All guests on this reveal recorded with A&M Records. The A in A&M Records was Herb Albert himself). --Liza Minnelli — «Happy Time» and «Mammy» --Herb Alpert congratulates Liza on her latest wedding to Peter Allen. Commercial: Pepto-Bismol tablets --Herb Albert introduces the Baja Marimba Bind, who knock off an advantageous tune. --Baja Marimba Bind — 2nd tune: «Fiddler on the Roof» exercise (advantageous) --Wes Montgomery (jazz guitarist) — «Windy» (advantageous) Commercial: Rift gasoline advantage stations (positive intemperate advantage) --Herb asks Sergio Mendes how he got his start. --Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66 (with female singers) — «Going Out of My Head» ABC standing ID discontinue Commercial: Jade-Mall cigarettes («extra-fancy at both ends») --Herb introduces Burt Bacharach. --Burt Bacharach sings «What the Mankind Needs Now,» «What's New, Pussycat?» and «Alfie» --Assortment of Bacharach songs: (1) Brasil '66 - «The Look of Love» (2) Wes Montgomery — «Wives and Lovers» (advantageous) (3) Liza Minnelli — «I Say A Little Appeal for You» (4) Baja Marimba Bind — «Walk on By» (advantageous) (5) Liza Minnelli and Wes Montgomery — «Trains And Boats And Planes» (6) Herb Alpert — «Casino Royale» (with Bacharach playing piano) Commercials: Fleischmann«s Margarine; Viscountess Jounce-A-Puddin» pud mix. --Boyce & Hart — assortment («I Wanna Be Free» & «Last Court To Clarksville») and «I Wonder What She's Doing Tonight» Commercial: Hamilton-Careen electrifying carving knives and Cook-Order blender --Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Effrontery — advantageous tune --Herb notices a man sleeping in audience. He wonders what the man is dreaming about. This is followed by a fantasy concatenation with Herb Alpert's advantageous songs: (1) «The Eremitical Bull» (man dreams of being a bullfighter); 2) «Tijuana Taxi» (3) «Never on Sunday» (4) «Zorba the Greek» --Herb Alpert — one more advantageous tune Commercial: Tareyton 100 cigarettes Closing credits and ABC network ID Reveal newsreader: Dick Tufeld Staging Jus Civile «civil Law»: 34-HP — 67 Overall perpetual every so often: 58:27