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1 October 1985 pm in Sanai Grove, Oregon Osho_The Last Testament vol3-11 Very gripping meeting with 2 journalists PETER WEISSBACH, CJOR PORTABLE RADIO, VANCOUVER;(part1) AND MIKE ZIELENZINGER, KNIGHT RIDDER, NEWSPAPERS (part2) ........................................ Q:* SO THOSE TWENTY PEOPLE ARE THE ONLY ONES THAT WERE SNARLED IN THIS WHOPPING PLAN OF WIRETAPPING AND... A:* Yes. Only close things other people have done, which are indubitably safe, because they know nothing about it. If they were told to dig a ditch in which they were going to bug a house... these people had no mental image what they are going to do. They don't know anything about wires and tension, and which wire is tension wire and which wire is just a bugging figure, so they really dig the ditch. So they have supported in a way, but they are indubitably safe. The people who knew what they are doing, the people who invented the whole bugging pattern -- and they invented a bugging pattern, even FBI has accepted that it was far more knowing than used by Nixon. So all those people have gone with Sheela. Only one ourselves had the pluck to come insidiously a overcome from the halfway point tour. Q:* WHO WAS THAT? A:* One sannyasin, Ava. And she is going to savour everything about the whole aggregation, because she was the most dear in the aggregation, and she knows about everything that has happened. Q:* IS SHE THE ONE THAT TOLD YOU OF THE SNUFF OUT PLOTS? A:* No. Q:* HAVE YOU BEEN INTERVIEWED YET, BHAGWAN, BY THE FBI OR THE OREGON MAINTAIN POLICE? A:* They seem to be on edge of me. Four times they have, on my plead for -- they have not requested me for an meeting, I have requested on the inopportune. Four times they made the organization and cancelled at the last note. Q:* ISN'T THAT ONE OF YOUR CONDITIONS THAT THE PROVOKE BE THIS POINT IN TIME DURING THAT INTERVIEW? A:* That was only at the last everything. When on the fourth everything they cancelled, I said, «Now, this is too much. I am requesting you, in put out you requesting me, and you go on cancelling, so what is cooking behind it? Why are you on edge of me?» So I had told them, that "Now, a fourth everything you compensate for it, then I am going to upon a provoke forum and tell everything to the provoke forum. You are trying to screen something. It seems there is a plot against the commune, by the governor and the attorney assorted both, to screen the criminals who have escaped and somehow count in the safe people. They are trying to capture one thousand sannyasins who has nothing to do with all those crimes, but just to agitate the whole community. Q:* THERE'S A RUMOR AROUND THAT THE NATIONALISTIC CONVOY IS BEING MOBILIZED IN MADRAS. A:* Yes, they are keeping Nationalistic Convoy on wide awake, and mobilizing it in Madras. Q:* HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT? A:* Yes, I know it. I have heard about it. The governor is reflective of declaring a maintain of crisis in Rajneeshpuram where everything is tranquil and no crisis is needed. Our sannyasins are going to the watch on their own agreement and revealing whatsoever they know about. Q:* THERE«S ALSO RUMOR THAT YOU»RE TO BE ARRESTED TOMORROW. A:* Yes. That I have heard. Q:* HOW WOULD YOU MARKET THAT? WOULD YOU.... A:* I would make merry it. Q:* WHY WOULD YOU MAKE MERRY IT? A:* Because that is the only sense in my biography which is missing and this is my last biography! I'm not going insidiously a overcome again. I will not be having another biography again. So I would like to have that sense too.... " Interpret all here