Sri Lankan cinema took a revolutionized twine with screening of Jackson Anthoney’s epic ‘Abba’ a big budgeted shoot that went down our own splendid background. Then several bestowal attractive directors followed the footsteps and spoken for in huge projects to explores our roots and protrude Sri Lanka’s splendid cultural traditions to the smashing. ‘Mahindagamanaya’ and ‘Kusa Paba’ are the latest films which got tremendous draw of the Sri Lankan big lovers. ‘The God King’ and ‘ Veera Puran Appu’ were two of the old hits in the background of Sri Lankan cinema based on significant epics. They all proved one undistinguished fact; films based on significant epics have never failed to enthrall the audience. Filled To The Gunwales with skirmish, engagement scenes and screenplay such films have the uncanny feel to fly a ‘historic impact’ in the business. Sugath Samarakoon’s epic ‘Vijaya Kuweni’ – Rejuvenating of Kuveni the Yakka Princess Well known screenwriter and actor Sugath Samarakoon is the latest artiste to take to the reprehend with his epic shoot ‘Vijaya Kuweni’. Samarakoon well-known for his disagreement ridden plays like ‘Uthure Rahula Himi’ and ‘Commando Diyasena’ in 1980s has returned to the limelight with this huge cinematic put down, a plot outline of the ‘Mahawamsa. It is only after doing an in-perception scrutiny for seven years on the Vijay-Kuveni plot outline that Samarakoon started business on the protrude to provide the inequality done to Kuveni. “I don’t think the Mahavamsa tells the fast plot outline about our ancestors. Ven Mahanama thera does not tell the fast plot outline of Kuveni. For some intelligence or other, he has buried the fast details and tried to highlight the heroics of crowned head Vijaya. Kuweni was branded a turncoat because she helped Vijaya pinch the holm. However it was Vijaya who betrayed her in the end because his friends and advisors requested him to bring about a ostentation an Aryan princess to concern lawful skinned children as subsequent heirs to the throne,” Filming was done in Anuradhapura, Rajanganaya, Gampaha and Pilkuththuva. Roger Seniviratne plays the r of Crowned Head Vijaya while the Dulani Anuradha of Aba superiority gives mortal to Kuveni. Missionary Mervin Silva portrays the r of Kuveni’s priest. Video ID : 1 Contents : HEVC Format/Info : Leading Dexterity Video Coding Contents returns : <a href=«/cdn-cgi/l/email-protection» information-cfemail=«490428202709057b6778»[email protected]</a @Main Codec ID : V_MPEGH/ISO/HEVC Duration : 2h 6mn Extensiveness : 716 pixels Maximum : 328 pixels Ostentation angle correlation : 2.35:1 Imaginative ostentation angle correlation : 2.35:1 Box In anyway fad : Unremitting Box In anyway : 25.000 fps Audio ID : 2 Contents : AAC Format/Info : Advanced Audio Codec Contents returns : LC Codec ID : A_AAC Duration : 2h 6mn Stream-Bed(s) : 2 channels Stream-Bed positions : Face: L R Sampling anyway : 48.0 KHz Compression fad : Lossy Kick Into Feel related to video : &#151; 21ms Caption : Sinhalese, Dolby Pro Ratiocination II Cant : Sinhalese Failure : Yes