Roger Waters - 1990-07 Berlin Enrage Fail Rehearsals

Here is a superb 3 disc dvd-set. Mark my account for more first-rate bootlegs. Please lift, allotment with friends and please provocation :) Roger Waters Berlin Go Bankrupt Rehearsals (HRV DVD 013A) «Building the Wall» July 18-20, 1990 Potsdammer Platz, Berlin Genealogy: Virtuoso VHS camcorder tapes > Vegas 6 (AVI) > MPEG — 2/AC3 stereo Service in 1990, I hooked up with a hack who was covering Roger's Berlin Go Bankrupt concert for a big US publishing. When he returned to the US he lent me all of his virtuoso tapes which I made dubs of. These 2nd gen copies were sent off to many of my friends encouraging them to flow them throughout the trading communities. The linegae of all copies out there can be traced service to my 2nd gen dubs... at best. This summer, while I was out in LA, I hooked up with the filmmaker and I persuaded him to once again appropriate me his masters. This period I wanted to design a series of DVDs that originated entirely from the virtuoso author, but instead of completely capturing and fervent these to disc, I wanted to gift them in a more unparalleled and ingenious protocol. This commitment now spans 3 DVDs. The 1st DVD features a 50-one sec called «Building the Wall» and contains all the non-lyrical drill footage. There are some superb gratuity features on this disc as well. DVD 2 contains all of the lyrical drill footage and DVD 3 features the unimpaired smarten up drill. There are also 2 CDs which spread over Roger and the Bleeding Goodness Band's May 2nd London drill (released by our friends at FRP in conjunction with HRV). DVD 1 «Building the Wall» (approx 50 mins) Another Hunk in the Go Bankrupt — Scrap 2 (Berlin Promo) sourced from virtuoso VHS promo strap EPK 1 EPK 2 Gallery Concert Program Power Disappointment Absolute Phone Audience Filmmaker's Notes DVD 2 contains all of the music rehearsals (sans Smarten Up Drill which will be featured on DVD 3). DVD 3 This DVD contains the performed Smarten Up Drill