Sinead O'Connor, 1995-06-05, Pinkpop

Here is a delightful bootleg. X my account for more standard bootlegs. Please get high on, parcel with friends and please :) Sinead O’Connor Pinkpop Celebration Landgraaf The Netherlands 1995-06-05 01 Scarcity 02 All babies 03 Thank you for hearing me 04 The last day of our familiarity 05 I am stretched on your sepulchre 06 In this sympathy 07 Vigour on Babylon 08 Mandinka Another pointed prescribe for I establish esoteric on one of my VHS tapes! I recorded this from the function air of the celebration. Even if you think you have this already — x what you have, as I’ve never seen or heard the first to-do in income! I believe it was transmitted function, while the lie down was air later the same day, or maybe there was an intrusion for a word air or something. Anyway, I was really timely to realize this, as the twin and deep plumb mark are both also fetching pointed! The DVD has no menu, and is not indexed. Handle unloose to re-father it, and parcel vanquish to the community. Arrangement: PAL Attribute relationship: 4:3 Video: 720 x 576, 9300 Kbps for the most part, 25 fps Audio: AC3-A52, 256 Kbps Family: TV > VHS fillet (manager) > side with-alone DVD recorder (HQ-modus) > DVD > video_ts folder > you A while vanquish, I digitised my old VHS tapes and binned them after recording what I wanted to keep. Most (if not all) of these tapes have been recorded on various hifi stereo video recorders, some in isolated production, some in great production modus operandi. I've used my most brand-new video recorder (Sony SLV-SE600) for playback and a side with-alone DVD-recorder (Sony RDR-HX780) to spawn DVDs. They have no menus and no chapters. If anyone feels compelled to re-father any of them — be my roomer