Jimi Hendrix - ATM DVD 006 Haleakala Crater

Here is a fine bootleg. Authentication my account for more enduring bootlegs. Please utilize, appropriate with friends and please deteriorate :) Jimi Hendrix — ATM DVD 006: Haleakala Crater 1970-07-30 antique & new shows, Rainbow Tie Vibratory Color / Dependable Proof, Haleakala Volcano Crater, Maui, Hawaii, USA Compiled by Mike Parker. All circulating Maui footage edited and sync'd with the best available audio sources. This is the 25 minutes of Rainbow Tie Jimi Hendrix footage, 20 minutes of outtakes, and the Unusual Day On Maui footage (about 10 minutes), all re-synced to the soundboard audio. The songs are jam-packed-in detail, although the picture footage is not. The gaps are filled in with Maui footage, 1960s things, surfing footage, and Unusual Day On Maui footage. The audio is the overdubbed-drums provenience, the only one available, so the drums are out of sync a bit. It's hardly visible though. Upon you all utilize it. Footage sources: «Rainbow Bridge» picture (ftbfs: OV 09) (tracks 1,2,5,6,8,9,10,12,16,17,18), «Rainbow Bridge» set aside camera out-takes (tracks 9,10,11,13,14,15) & «Strange Days On Maui» picture (tracks 3,4,6,7,9,15) [Additional non-concert footage to fatten in gaps lifted from the films «Rainbow Bridge», «Easy Rider», «Endless Summer», «Berkely in the 60's» and «Hawaiian Paradise»] / Audio provenience: Mono Sbd; 2nd Gen * [* Due to polytechnic problems the drums were not appropriately recorded. Mitch Mitchell re-recorded his drum parts in 1971 at Electrifying Lady Studios. This is the only available audio provenience, hence Mitch will appear out-of-sync at times.] 01. The Assassin === Antique Pretension === 02. Pali Gap 03. Spanish Mansion Witchcraft (47) 04. Lover Man (38) 05. Hey Coddle (New Rising Sun) (7) 06. In From The Gale (5) 07. Communiqu To Light Of One's Life (40) 08. Slick Lady (92) 09. Assent To My Retainers A-Comin' (50) 10. Voodoo Infant (Insubstantial Resurface) (82) 11. Ardour (77) 12. Purple Haze (101) === New Pretension === 13. Dolly Short Sword (3) 14. Villanova Meeting (13) 15. Ezy Rider (26) 16. Jimi Raps #1 17. Jimi Raps #2 18. Hey Coddle (New Rising Sun) (8) Video (pro-on no account): Type — NTSC Plan — MPEG Video Bitrate — 4,508 Kbps Bit rating state — Unsteady Framerate — 29.970 Obligation — 720x480 Detail Correspondence — 4x3 Pore Over sort — Interlaced Audio: Plan — PCM Bit rating — 1,536 Kbps Bit rating state — Continuous Stream-Bed(s) — 2 channels