Van Halen - 1983-05-29 - US Fete, San Bernardino

Here is a kind bootleg. Substantiate my account for more exemplar bootlegs. Please have a ball, dole out with friends and please heirs :) Van Halen: Video Author: US TV disseminate Wind Down: unidentified, HANX :-) Video Bitrate: DVD1: 5971 to 6003 kb/s, DVD2: 5979 to 6002 kb/s Support notwithstanding: VBR at 29.970 frames Pictures: 4:3 (all this and more was said by GSpot) DVD Authors: BTB productions, HANX :-) DVD composition: NTSC Pale: 0, playable worldwide, if not it's up to your gear Audio Author: US TV disseminate(see above) Towels: see below Wind Down: unidentified, HANX :-) Audio Codec: AC3 (GSpot strikes again) Audio bitrate: 0xbd[0x80]:48000Hz 448 kb/s tot , 6 chnls (3/2 .1) Towels: US TV disseminate > unidentified VCR > genius VHS > unidentified VCR's > VHS imitate > unidentified transfering gear > 2DVD5 video files set > my traded 2DVD5 video files set on HD (> YOU) Data : 7.47GB(DVD1: 3.68GB, DVD2: 3.78GB) Measure: 158:51min(DVD1: 78:18min), DVD2: (80:33min) Artwork included, HANX :-) Data: The 1983 US Anniversary, Glen Helen Preserve, San Bernadino, CA USA, 29th May, 1983 DVD1: (78:18min) 00) Servants' Level Talking 01) Romeo Tickle 02) Unchained ~ Alex Van Halen's Drums 03) Bug 04) Match With The Monster 05) Jamie«s Cryin» 06) So This Is Betrothed 07) Little Guitars 08) Michael Anthony's Bass ~ Dancing In The Streets 09) Somebody Get Me A Doctor ~ Fianc Gone Bad Jam ~ I'm So Satisfied ~ Somebody Get Me A Doctor 10) Leap The Darkness Away 11) Cathedral ~ Secrets 12) Everybody Wants Some DVD 2: (80:33min) 00) Servants' Level Talking 13) Ice Cream Man 14) Unwelcome Visitor ~ (Oh) Unbelievably Chambermaid 15) Edward Van Halen's Guitar 16) Ain«t Talkin» Meet Betrothed 17) Bottoms Up 18) You Really Got Me ~ Favourable Trails ~ You Really Got Me 00) Servants' Level Talking and Vetting Measure: 158:51min In Person: David Lee Roth: Vocals Edward Van Halen: Guitar Michael Anthony: Bass Alex Van Halen: Drums