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Osho_ The Last Testament Vol 3 — 15A DISCUSSION WITH JOHN TUTTLE OF KGW MOAT 8 IN PORTLAND.part1 5 October 1985 pm in Sanai Grove ........ BHAGWAN:* Hello, John. CHALLENGE:* HELLO. BHAGWAN, WHAT DO YOUR PEOPLE TELL YOU ABOUT SIDDHA AND PRABODHI? ARE THEY VIGOROUS AND WHERE ARE THEY? REPLY:* My people here are almost reborn. They suffered for three and a half years under a fascist paradigm of r. The criminals have escaped on their own. This is a mastery without take up arms, without a drudgery. We have not said a fasten on dialogue to them, but they could caress the metamorphose in the tone. The consequence I started speaking again, the sannyasins felt a tremendous easing that now I am available, now nobody can force any feather of drudgery on them. And the criminals given it clearly, that while I am available to the sannyasins they cannot direct to go on committing the same paradigm of things that they have been doing for three and a half years. They have committed all big crimes. I have not said them to go or to become the commune. I have not said a fasten on dialogue, but just my calm made my people caress a sturdiness, a gallantry, a impudence that made them.... Q:* THE TWO PEOPLE I ASKED ABOUT, SIDDHA AND PRABODHI.... ARE YOU SUGGESTING THAT THEY WERE PORTION OF THESE CRIMINALS? A:* No. They were victims of the criminals........ Q:* WILL YOU HELP THE FBI IN THE INVESTIGATION? A:* I have invited them -- they are already working. Q:* DO YOU LOOK FOR THAT THEY WILL YOU OF SOMETHING? A:* Whatever they want to do... they should just descry the criminals, whoever the criminals are. Q:* DO YOU THINK SHEELA COMMITTED CRIMES? A:* Certainly. Q:* DO YOU TAKE COGNIZANCE OF WHY? A:* It is a benign idiosyncrasy. Everybody lusts for power, but everybody does not have the opening: she got the opening. Millions of dollars she had never seen; millions of sannyasins who were organize to do anything that she wanted in my name.... And then she started assessment of herself as the successor or the chief priestess. These are just benign frailties -- nothing to be bothered about, just run-of-the-mill qualities of benign beings. Q:* I WAS GOING TO ASK ABOUT THE FISCAL SPIRIT, TOO. HAS SHE TAKEN LOTS OF MONEY? A:* No, not from here. From here she has not taken a fasten on cent. But she has already stopped notes that was going to come here, which was coming from German communes as a contribution for this commune. She had put in a Swiss bank forty-three million dollars, and she had put it in her own name. We are not going to become it there -- that belongs to the communes. Either it should go secretly to the German communes or it should come to this commune. But nobody can sannyasins in such a way. ... free download Osho's audios and books from oshoworld(dot)com