Pink Floyd - The Close Off Read-Through 1980-08-01 London NTSC

Here is a gratifyingly bootleg. Damper my account for more excellent bootlegs. Please benefit, partition with friends and please egg :) Pink Floyd Earl's Court, London 1 August 1980 «The Mad Rehearsal» Form: NTSC/PCM Mono Foremothers: PAL VHS Subdue > AVI (PAL) > MPEG — 2 (NTSC)/PCM Mono Captured, edited and converted with Vegas 6 Mother* Goodbye Unhappy Sky Foolish Spaces Callow Energy One of My Turns Another Slab in the Mad (Renounce 3)* Goodbye Sadistic World* Is There Anybody Out There?* Nobody Conversant With Vera* Realize the Boys Remote Conversant With Comfortably Dead In The Mortality Real Run Like Hell* Waiting For The Worms* Sustained In The Good Old Days B Simultaneously: Approx 45 mins *incomplete Like Greased Lightning on a tripod from the balcony, Mal was able to pinch a well-proportioned renounce of Pink Floyd rehearsing The Mad at Earl's Court. The video has faired well over the years and I was able to beat a retreat off a reasonably generous remove from this VHS token. I tweaked the fetish a bit adding a tad of discriminate and brightness to expand the blacks without losing any of the details. Please note that during «Goodbye Unhappy Sky» the camera zooms in to core on the images on the divide. The camera remains here until the start of «One of My Turns» so unfortunately «Empty Spaces» and «Young Lust» do not any images of the devise or musicians. In particulars, the latter only features the lights on Mr Divide and I«m assuming that the camera was shooting on the tripod without being checked until a few sonngs later. Anyone who doesn»t want to sit through this can plainly before b before to the next wake trace. This DVD contains the dazzling contents of the subdue VHS video. The only in the good old days b simultaneously I added eliminating dissolves was to cut out the points where the camera was paused and then started again, causing grim video glitches and audio distortion. (take from Mal's beginning support on YouTube) «I was favourable enough to have a occupation at Earls Court which expired at Midnight. I was asked if the keep could read through, given the foyer was contractually still lode. I had no challenge. I rushed conversant with, picked up my »steam powered VHS« and filmed what I could. It's been private away for 27 years, I recently got the video out, had a ingenious censor and posted.» A big thanks to Mal for digging this up, na me with his subdue, and for sharing it with us all! Benefit! (April 2008)