Jimi Hendrix - ATM DVD 003 Rev A Body Of Gypsys

Here is a meticulous bootleg. Look Into my account for more enduring bootlegs. Please appreciate, helping with friends and please decline :) Jimi Hendrix — ATM DVD 003 (Rev A): League Together Of Gypsys === 1970-01-01 at indicate, Fillmore East, New York, NY === Notes: B&W footage edited from the Blom and Vasulka video sources. 1) Edits / cuts from camera shots are done just BEFORE the camera starts to jarring, jitter or warp. The Endure Hendrix view of this bodily (available on the DVD «Band of Gypsys / Spirited at the Fillmore East») cuts from a camera cannon-ball AFTER the jarring or jog. 2) The two indigenous cameras had different deviate from and brightness settings. The Endure Hendrix view cuts from a ill-lit cannon-ball to a blurred come out cannon-ball without having blended the brightness or deviate from to be analogous between the two cameras. Here adjustments are made to deliberate the two cameras together. 3) Some of the Endure Hendrix footage looks to have been somewhat deteriorated due to unbecoming storage. The documentation tapes used here (very low gen) appear to have been taken from an earlier turn over of the masters (before the deterioration had taken function). 01. Who Knows 02. Prime Mover Gun 03. Them Changes 04. Power Of Psyche 05. Stepping Stone 06. Foxlike Lady 07. Station 08. Mould Blues === 1969-12-31 up-to-date indicate, Fillmore East, New York, NY === (color footage filmed by Amalie R. Rothschild, very low gen) 09. Stepping Stone (14) 10. Fervour (66) 11. Ezy Rider (15i) === 1967-05-10 «Top of the Pops», BBC Lime Grove Studios, London, England === 12. The Diminish Cries Mary (4) === 1968-10-29 TTG Studios, Hollywood, CA === 13. Gloria Video: NTSC Codec: MPEG — 2 Answer: 720x480 Characteristic Correspondence: 4:3 Bitrate: 6888 Audio: AC3 Audio Bitrate 256 Kbps Magnitude: 1 hour 25 minutes 28 seconds