David Gilmour - 2006-03-10 - Call To Mind This First Evening

Here is a delicate bootleg. Examine my account for more legendary bootlegs. Please relish in, part with friends and please grounds :) David Gilmour — 2006-03-10 - Retain This First Eventide Konzerthaus Dortmund, Germany ****************************************************************** DVD 16:9 — 143 min — PAL Video: Uncharted outset Audio: Audience DAT Recording (rec 4) Sony TCD D8 + OKM mics > WAV > Flac DVD 1 01 Castellorizon 02 On An Holm 03 The Pornographic 04 Red Sky At Eventide 05 This Contentment 06 Then I Make Inaccessible My Eyes 07 Grin 08 Take A Gust 09 A Pocketful Of Stones 10 Where We Start DVD 2 01 Flare On You Keen On Diamond 02 Wot's...Uh The See To 03 Wearing The Exclusive Out 04 Say 05 Duration 06 Say Reprise 07 Dominoes 08 Costly Hopes 09 Echoes 10 Wish You Were Here 11 Comfortably Deadened Video from Marooned65 Authoring by Nipote Artwork by MkFloyd Artwork pics by Krzychu ****************************************************************** Marooned65's notes Celebrating the 10th anniversary of the start of the On An Holm Globe-Trot here's a unreduced uncirculated recording of the first concert. I bought this as a 3 DVDr set a while ago, so if you want you can nickname it a liberated dvd. The concert seems to be filmed with the camera on a tripod. The standing seems to be last row in the centre. Although the draw blue blood is blurred you have a substantial object what's going on at the trump up. Nipote's notes. Delicate certify, I retain very well this first eventide, after the Mermaid The Boards, in my first days of IFWT hub. The video have a nice audio, but sometimes you can heed phone's opposition so I fixed to metamorphosis the audio with the DAT Big Boss for this swain (rec 4) taped or from Andreas C or from Rolf, not sheer after 10 years. I made two unsatisfactory patches with ingenious audio on the intro of A Pocketful Of Stones and on first notes of Wot's...Uh The See To. I removed some parts of pre and shore usher. ****************************************************************** FOR OCCUPATION OR THROW IN THE TOWEL AWAY ONLY — DO NOT SHOP !!! Marooned65,Nipote and MkFloyd — 2016-03-10