Above - Coffee, Tea, or Above

Here is a good bootleg. Check my account for more outstanding bootlegs. Please appreciate, percentage with friends and please decline :) Above «Coffee, Tea, or Sting» U.S. Morning Small Screen Appearances 1987-1997 Smooth Elude Archive Mooring > SuperBeta Hi-Fi > Crop SuperBeta Hi-Fi > Playback Sony EDV — 9500 > Standalone Panasonic DMR-E50 (XP)> TMPGenc DVD Writer 3 No Artwork Chapters: 5 NTSC / Stereo TRT: 36:46 Audio codec: AC3 Audio bitrate: 256 kb/s Video codec: MPEG2 Video bitrate: 9062 kb/s Depiction accuracy: 704x480 Above usually made his small screen appearances on up-to-escort sundown small screen. Here is a samplng of morning programs that buttress that very knowing finding. 1. Use Morning America (ABC) Pt.1 12-10-87 Manageress: Joan Lunden Newsperson: Jeff Greenfield covering Sting's humanitarian efforts with behind the scenes footage from his concert in Porto Allegre, Brazil. 2. Use Morning America (ABC) Pt.2 12-11-87 Jeff Greenfield's continued. 3. The Today Appear (NBC) Manageress: Bryant Gumbel Bryant interviews Above in the NBC Today Appear studios on the story escort of «Ten Summoner's Tales». 4. «Live with Regis and Kathie Lee» 3-18-96 Hosts: Regis Philbin, Kathie Lee Gifford This one is outrageous...Above is ambushed by the morning talk appear cheese banker. I think he had no theory what he was getting into, and seems a bit annoyed when Regis accidentally spits on him. 5. «The Rosie O'Donnell Show» 3-4-97 Manageress: Rosie O'Donnell Sting's helpmate Trudy Styler joins him on this one to thrash out the of their pic — «Gentlemen Don't Eat Poets», which was about to unlatched in Greenwich Village. In standard way, Rosie has not done a leading job with researching her guests, but thankfully avoids the escarpment duff depths of the Regis and Kathie Lee arrival a year earlier
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