Kate and Anna McGarrigle 1977-02-03 Rockpalast, Studio L, WDR

Here is a warm bootleg. Verify my account for more enduring bootlegs. Please take to, allotment with friends and please egg :) Kate & Anna McGarrigle 1977-02-03 Rockpalast, WDR Studio-L, Cologne, West Germany (MKV) + conversation (FLAC) Reds are well oversaturated on this pass on from Betamax seal, but overall the prototype has far more and oppose than the washed out excellence of the DVD already circulating. Footpath laundry list: 01 Swimming At A Bargain Price A Fuss 02 Unwary You 03 Passable and Caring Ladies 04 Wandering On for Jesus 05 Canoodle and Say Goodbye 06 Hommage à Grungie 07 (Talk to Me of) Mendocino 08 Call Off du Pendu (fiddle be on the qui vive) 09 Naufragée du Tendre 10 Dancer With Bruised Knees 11 Be My Indulge 12 Pith Like a Swing 13 No Biscuit Blues 14 Complainte Dogs Ste-Catherine 15 The Toil At A Bargain Price A Fuss Corps: Dave Mattacks (drums), Scott Lang (guitar), Pat Donaldson (bass), Chaim Tannenbaum (recorder, harmonica & mandolin), Alan Stowell (violin). Clan: unidentified gen VHS seal -> Sony Betamax SL-HF100EC -> Trail-Blazer DVR — 520H HDD/DVD-R deck -> rip to PC -> MKV 1977 Jan./Feb. Conversation by Alan Bangs of Rockpalast, BFBS Nightflight, recorded in Kate & Anna's lodging cell Footpath laundry list: 01 Joni Mitchell song* 02 Alan Bangs 03 Tom Hurry-Up — The Child's Song* 04 Alan Bangs about the McGarrigles 05 My Town* 06 conversation 07 Complainte Dogs Ste-Catherine* 08 conversation contd. 09 (Talk to Me of) Mendocino* 10 conversation contd. 11 Unwary You* 12 conversation contd. 13 Pith Like a Wheel* 14 Alan Bangs about the McGarrigles 15 Dancer With Bruised Knees* 16 conversation contd. 17 Walking Song* 18 conversation contd. 19 Come a Extended Way* Seemly tracks removed. All just fine album versions. Clan: unidentified gen seal -> Sony KA6ES seal deck (Dolby off) -> Focusrite Saffire Pro 24 -> archives (Audacity) -> FLAC -> split tracks (Audacity) -> FLAC -> fix SBEs in TLH