Dune (1984) Different Version Redux [fanedit][MKV-FLAC-SUBS]

***DUNE (1984) THE ACCEPTANCE VERSION REDUX &#151; A fanedit by Spicediver*** FANEDIT RELEASED: July 2012 MANAGEMENT NEVERTHELESS: 178 minutes ROW APPEARANCE: MKV with FLAC lossless audio &#151; this appearance released April 2015 ALSO AVAILABLE: AVI, MP4 and DVD9 formats, all released July 2012 AUDIO: Stereo 2.0 VIDEO: h.264 codec 720 x 480p beau id focus encoded with enjoyment SUBTITLES: Voluntary English & Spanish customised fanedit subtitles MORE INFO: Fanedit.org + Digital-Fandits.com DOWNLOAD CONTAINS: Large Screen, trailer, documentary extras, support boards art and superior changelist WHY IS THERE NO 720P OR 1080P VERSION? Because nearly 50 minutes of the horse's mouth lay in this fanedit has never been released in high-priced focus appearance, ie. all footage select to the «Extended Edition», plus additional deleted scenes that appeared as Extras in the 2005 USA DVD rescue. FANEDIT TRAILER PLEASE MOTIVE Like this fanedit? Then keep it your outpouring app and PLEASE MOTIVE intermittently so other fans can appreciate it too. WHAT THE FANS ARE SAYING «In Dune Redux, Spicediver's talents as a faneditor definitively find up to his perception, mental acuity and passion. This is a peerless suiting of the 1984 coating, and one which will influence dedicated Dune audiences.» &#151; Digital Fanedits «I've just watched this and I can safely say, for the first nevertheless, that I was stock engrossed by the coating. So much so, I started watching it again disentangle after it had finished. This cut really is the epic coating that it was always meant (and needed) to be» &#151; Jat13 «The editing is top nick but the key essential here is the statement, as every resolution has been given every attentiveness. Every trace taken has been in the right guiding. And Dune, at last, is the coating it should have been.» &#151; Juanman «Very quick-witted working in that TV proloque within it. Also loved the way it ended and the stuffy caustic bankroll b reverse on the out-extravagant judgement. The ending suiting. Excess profession!» &#151; CrassMufumbu «Lynch's coating can never be the Dune I imagined from my reading, but this has to be the best cinematic suiting yet. The allotment into chapters, the acceptance quotes, the want of bestow at the end, the over of numerous deleted scenes — all these ameliorate the viewing experience.» &#151; ssj ABOUT THIS FANEDIT A coating that’s been admired, hated and puzzled-over in justly capable of amounts, writer/director David Lynch’s fervid 1984 suiting of Truthful Herbert’s discipline fiction novel gets an international fanediting treatment in Dune The Acceptance Version Redux. This is my third and ending cut of an compile I first released in 2008 and again in 2009. As at one time, it draws on the heavily cut Hammy Suiting, the argumentative Extended “TV” Suiting and a group of Deleted Scenes and soundtrack cues. The Redux cut is, firstly, an opening for me to request the additional skills I’ve learnt since this fanedit’s real rescue. Complex improvements register cleaning up untidy footage and completing the titillating eyes FX, while artistic changes register two new “filmbooks”, a new 4-intimate to the coating, and a new ending that’s truer to the unbelievable in seventh heaven that Truthful Herbert created. Secondly, Redux has allowed me to react to some of the criticisms made by fans over the years and put to rights further changes that I think mend the storytelling and award. The restoration of Princess Irulan as the film’s relator is one such example. For me it’s been a large, moving and sometimes burdensome peregrinate. I’d particularly like to thank the fanediting communities I've been intimate of. Without such avenues to side with my profession and without the good input and feedback of fervid members, the Dune large screen as I have moulded it altogether wouldn’t endure. Thankyou also to Demonoid members who have shown their mania for this proposal since 2009. David Lynch himself refuses to revisit the coating, despite admitting that “there’s something inaccurate with that movie” and complaining that he never had ending cut. So it’s left-hand to us fans to around and reshape this inquisitive article of sc-fi cinema; trying to minimise its many flaws, magnify its many strengths and &#151; in my happening &#151; trying to add something new as well. I trust you appreciate the slip. Spicediver. :) FORMER VERSIONS The former suiting of this compile &#151; Dune The Acceptance Version V.2 (2009) &#151; is in essence different from Redux. 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