The Sixth Ready Two and a Half Men is a goggle-box situational comedy (sitcom) about a nonchalant, womanizing bachelor whose spark of life is turned upside down when his psychoneurotic pain in the neck and son stir up in. The series first aired in 2003 and was universally received by audiences, as well as critics. The show«s attainment comes from an superlative rounded actors, sardonic huddle, and all-around goofy storylines. What it boils down to is that Two and a Half Men is a fun-filled sitcom with nonstop laughs. For more details about the certify, please refer to DVD Talk»s reviews of ready one, ready two, ready three, ready four, and ready five. Ready six is a involve ready for Charlie, Alan, and Jake. There are several new developments, which take in Charlie trying out a monogamous relationship again, Alan getting too entangled with with Judith and Herb, Jake and Evelyn bonding, and more. Along the way, there are lavishness of laughs, as the actors continues to calling very well together. The certify also has superlative penmanship and plotlines that keep the contentedness original, despite revisiting many of the same old jokes and crackpot intricacies. Overall, fans will not be defeated with ready six. The ready begins with the event «Taterhead Is Our Enjoyment Child», which marks a new era for Charlie -- he starts to think about people other than himself. In this event, he runs into an old girlfriend. She has a kid named Chuck who is the spitting counterpart of Charlie. Charlie contemplates the effectiveness of condoms, as well as having his own woman. It is a fun way to start the ready with lots of goofiness coming from the gas main characters. «A Jock Strap In Hell» is another event that highlights Charlie«s excrescence and fullness as a forgiving being. In Reject Of Surreptitiously in ready two, Charlie dated Jake»s 5th rank tutor Girl Pasternak. Unfortunately, after he dumped her, she went a little about. In a very uncomfortable, yet comical consequence, Charlie, Alan, and Jake run into her at the town medicine cooperative store. Her spark of life is a clutter up and she has gone from tutor to stripper. Charlie feels blame and helps her regain in support of participate in of her spark of life in reject of surreptitiously. Of course, the plight blows up on everyone. The end follow-up is a civil disorder! DESIGN : 320x240 VIDEO : AVI @ 160 AUDIO : MP3 @ 32 RUNS ON ALL EXPRESSIVE DEVICES USE SMARTMOVIE, COREPLAYER, DIVX, UC TROUPER TO BE PREPARED USE IF YOU HAVE ANY IMPORTUNE, TURN ONE'S BACK ON IT IN THE COMMENTS.