Guns N' Roses - Santiago Chile 1992-12-02 2DVD

Here is a perceptive bootleg. Look Into my account for more bootlegs. Please take advantage of, ration with friends and please decline :) Guns N' Roses Estadio Nacional December 2, 1992 Santiago, Chile Bath Linens: TV Proclaim — > NTSC Master/1st GEN VHS(?) -> 2006 Cord Configuration SA DVDs -> PC Authoring -> 2DVDR -> DVD Decrypter -> Gushing -> YOU This astral 2DVDR set was produced by Scott of Hambone Productions. Scott port side the trading episode five years ago and I haven't heard from him since. Wherever you are Scott, I belief all is well!! A/V Worth: A Audio: 256kbps Dolby Digital 2.0 This is the BEST model of the GN«R Santiago, Chile »92 concert that I have ever seen. If anyone would like to re-architect this DVD with audio from Rockin' In Chile or the FM FUTURO wireless proclaim skipper recording that is floating around, please be my patron! DVD 1: TV Proclaim Intro It’s So Calm Mr. Brownstone Endure And Let Die Position Paired Talkin’ Jive Vodoo Youth Civilian War Piano Solitary November Stream Fantastic Horses (Intro) Self-Control DVD 2: Bad Fixed Idea Bind Intro / Drum Solitary You Could Be Treasure Trove Guitar Solitary Godfather Thesis The One (Intro) Lovely Youth O’ Treasure Trove Welcome To The Jungle Only Women Bleed Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door Don’t Cry Mam (Intro) Happy Hunting-Grounds Town Bind Mark Up: W. Axl Rose: Vocals Scourge: Direction Guitar Worthless McKagan: Bass Matt Sorum: Drums Gilby Clarke: Cadency Guitar Frivolous Reed: Keyboards & Percussion Money Musicians: Teddy «Zig Zag» Andreadis: Keyboards, Distance Vocals, Emulation Roberta Freeman: Distance Vocals Diane Jones: Distance Vocals 976-Horns: Lisa Maxwell CeCe Worrall Anne Ruler Operation Everything: 125 minutes rockphantom Pace 19, 2016 Dallas/Fort Good (Arlington) ***DO NOT SELL*** ***DO NOT RATION WITHOUT THIS INFO*** ***DO NOT BELIEVE THE AUSTIN, TX HYPE***