Osho_The Last Testament_vol-3 #23_Don't let me down

Video: Fill In magnitude : 647 MiB Duration : 1h 54mn Bit censure : 699 Kbps Diameter : 768 pixels Maximum : 576 pixels Make Visible light relationship : 4:3 Set Up censure : 25.000 fps Audio: AAC Bit censure : 82.7 Kbps Way(s) : 1 way Sampling censure : 48.0 KHz ....................................................... Rank words fill in is connected The Last Testament, Vol 3,Chapter #23 13 October 1985 pm in Sanai Grove Extent: 111 mins EXAMINE WITH MA YOGA PRATIMA INSUPPORTABLE:* BHAGWAN, WHAT IS THE NATURE BETWEEN CREED, RELIGIOUSNESS AND RELIGIO? Q:* WHAT IS THE NATURE BETWEEN RIMU, RAJNEESH OECUMENICAL MEDITATION UNIVERSITY, AND RA, RAJNEESH ACADEMY? A:* Let me say a few words before I solution your insupportable, because without them the solution will not be rank. I would like to variation the name Rajneesh Establishment Oecumenical. Sheela and her fascist clique have contaminated the name. I would like it to be Rajneesh Friends Oecumenical. It remains RFI. RIMU and RA are two wings of RFI. RIMU is eerie, authority, academic. Both are completely harmonious ' experiments because the degrees that you will get will not be of any use in the world... ............... Osho is also explaining categories like SIDDHA , ARIHANTA , ACHARYA ...and ... " The Academy has another apportion: MAHASATTVAS , SAMBUDDHAS , BODHISATTVAS . Their horde is determined, and each assemblage will have a determined horde. That is cause of the Academy's abstruse work... at the end Osho said: ...It is exactly twenty-five centuries after Buddha's expiry that I am changing the name of the Establishment so that it becomes Rajneesh Friends Oecumenical. It is not only just a variation of the name. It is going to variation the very flavor of our whole activity. And you have to lift up so that what I want the activity to become, it becomes. So that the delusion is realized. Don't let me down. Okay?" Audios and books untrammelled download from oshoworld(dot)com