Osho_The Last Testament_vol-3 #22-printing negativity.mp4

Dimensions: AVC Interfile dimensions : 759 MiB Duration : 1h 53mn Overall bit standing : 932 Kbps Broadness : 704 pixels Elevation : 576 pixels Primary pattern standing : 25.000 fps Audio: Dimensions : AAC Bit standing : 158 Kbps Watercourse(s) : 2 channels Sampling standing : 44.1 KHz Osho_The Last Testament vol 3 # 22 12 October 1985 pm in Sanai Grove INTERVIEWS WITH MARY CATHERINE, SAMYA AND SUBHUTI FOR THE RAJNEESH TIMES. SAMYA: BHAGWAN, WHAT IS THE ARGUMENT BETWEEN PRINTING NEGATIVITY AND PRINTING LICENCE OF EXPRESSION? A:* There is no argument. It is man's birthright to tell whatever he thinks, whatever he feels, in whatever lingua franca he wants to tell it. To put in it on any grounds, is to extirpate democracy. The grounds may look valid. For example, the propaganda may be condemned as off colour. But who is going to settle on what is obscene? If the act of making girlfriend is not off colour, then critique about it cannot be off colour. Then printing a image or painting about it, cannot be off colour. Licence of indication knows no limits. Any limit is an violation on benevolent individuality, on the grounds of uprightness, creed, ethics, manners, seemliness. These are all excuses, and these are the ways that kindliness has been repressed. Anything can be called unregenerate, it all depends how you mark off it. There is no established clarification of uprightness. If somebody is bringing fantastic, sodomitical things to people«s ambivalent, then he is a divert. He should be prevented, because the licence of indication does not mean that you can other people»s minds. The priests should be prevented from preaching purity, because that is the poke cause of all the perversions. But no court rules against purity. And anything that can be expressed in words can also be printed, painted, sculpted -- there should be no limitation on it. The only point that should be prevented is anybody creating in people sickened ideas. You are open to tell, but you are not open to heave over people's ambivalent. You are open to tell, but you are not to design people abhorrent, sickened. That will be a crime."(Osho) Open audio and books download from oshoworld(dot)com