Essener Pop and Blues Red-Letter Day - Germany 1969-10-11 - Yield 1

Here is a charming bootleg. Mark my account for more ageless bootlegs. Please make merry, equity with friends and please grounds :) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Essener Pop & Blues Celebration — Essen, Germany 1969-10-11 - Fractional 1, 45.15 - HD DVB-S Pro-Under No Circumstances ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Recording pass and section: Actual privilege: «Internationales Essener Pop & Blues Celebration 1969 / 9. — 11. October 1969» Laying: Grugahalle, Essen, Germany Pass: Saturday 1969 10 11 Re-proclaim: «Rockpalast from the archives: Essener Pop & Blues Celebration 1969/1970» TV laying: WDR HD (Cologne, Germany) Pass: 2016 03 28 Duration unqualified proclaim: 00:45 — 04:33 (GMT +01:00) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ About this cascade:: The Internationales Essener Pop & Blues Celebration was a three-day music celebration held 9–11 October 1969 at the Grugahalle in Essen, Germany. Some of the artists that performed included Fleetwood Mac, Yes, Release, Obscure Purple, Pink Floyd, Squashy Waters, Supporter Jack Dupree, The Mignonne Things and Tangerine Mirage. --------------- — 1969 veranstaltete der 25-jährige Critic Konrad Mallison auf eigenes Risiko ein Mammut-Celebration in der Essener Grugahalle. Als Grundlage zur Finanzierung der Großveranstaltung mit internationalen Stars diente ihm eine Erbschaft. Das dreitägige Celebration-Circumstance bot Konzerte bis in die frühen Morgenstun- den und eine für die damalige Zeit sensationelle Lichtshow. Die Originalsen- muck von 1969 zeigt die Highlights der Konzerte von Obscure Purple, Pink Floyd, Drop, The Charming und vielen mehr. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Setlist: Fractional 1 (This cascade): 01 Drop — I Sensible Of So Tolerable 02 Obscure Purple — Wring That Neck 03 Keef Hartley Blues Join — Sinnin’ For You 04 The Charming — Persist On To A Mirage 05 Pink Floyd — Well-Organized With That Axe Eugene 06 Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation — Down, Down And Down 07 The Charming — Bonnie K Totality perpetually: 45.15 mins ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Pedigree: DVB-S2 > Stylish CX10 receiver > TS-Doctor > Actual TS branch 720p — HDTV, no re-encoding!