La Dame aux camelias-Paris ballet-2008[iPod H264 DVDrip](with ch

La Dame aux camélias-Paris ballet &#151; 2008[iPod H264 DVDrip](with chapters) This video is encoded for the Apple Ipod clasic (<a href=«/cdn-cgi/l/email-protection» statistics-cfemail=«53113220363f3a3d36131f607d63»[email protected]</a h.264). You can also leeway it with VLC instrumentalist: <a href="« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow"</a Based on the Alexandre Dumas novel that also inspired the stories of Verdi’s La Traviata and Hollywood’s Moulin Rouge, John Neumeier creates a hypnotizing cut a rug acting around the pre-eminent lady-in-waiting of traditions, La Dame aux camélias. The hot rumour of Marguerite Gautier and Armand Duval unfolds ingeniously through a acting-within-a-acting as they proper at the place during a gig of Manon Lescaut. So start off their emotional adventures in Paris, brought to living by Neumeier’s impassioned and nice choreographic phraseology. Chopin’s captivating music highlights this aberrant neo-serious ballet, featuring the eminent dancers of the Paris Opéra Ballet. This uncurbed television, filmed exist at the Palais Garnier in Drugged Clarity and sated ambience plunge, is all about weakness, passion, peril and renowned dancing from one of the best ballet companies in the out of sight. Marguerite Gautier: Agnès Letestu Armand Duval: Stéphane Bullion Monsieur Duval: Michaël Denard Providence Duvernoy: Dorothée Gilbert Manon Lescaut: Delphine Moussin Des Grieux: José Martinez Olympia: Eve Grinsztajn Gaston Rieux: Karl Paquette Le Duc: Laurent Novis Nanine: Béatrice Martel Le Comte de N.: Simon Valastro The Paris Opera Ballet Orchestra of The Opera subject de Paris Conductor: Michael Schmidtsdorff Mount Chief Honcho: John Neumeier Recorded exist at the Palais Garnier, Paris, on 2nd, 5th and 8th July 2008. Face Correlation: 16:9 Run All Together: 1:20 + 51 chapters: 16 + 12 decision: 640x368 Video Codec: AVC/h.264 (<a href=«/cdn-cgi/l/email-protection» statistics-cfemail=«57153624323b3e3932171b647967»[email protected]</a ) Audio Codec: AAC Encoder handbrake: 0.9.6