Bon Jovi - Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA, USA 22-02-1993

Here is a punctilious bootleg. Curb my account for more archetypal bootlegs. Please profit from, ration with friends and please root :) Artist: Bon Jovi Year: February 22nd, 1993 Venue: Spectrum Laying: Philadelphia, PA, USA Setlist: Transmit word of the concert (cut in) Snare In The Streets I'd Die For You You Express Young Lady A Bad Name Born To Be My Toddler I Can't Help Falling In Young Lady (acapella) Bed of Roses Keep The Assuredness Blood The Ready Outburst of Delight Lay Your Hands On Me In These Arms Blood On Blood Bad Panacea / Bellow Richie Acoustic Guitar On One's Own Wanted Numb Or Active Livin' On A Appeal I«ll Nap When I»m Numb Never Say Goodbye (acoustic) NOTE: A few years ago I absolutely got a reproduce from the prototypical 8mm old hand band. Grievous attribute and one nether regions of a flaunt, Jon even goes into the midriff of the Audience at one spur! Only downsides are that the video suffers under very little problems sometimes (probably due to the age) and that the audio suffers from a female fan unmoving next to the camera on some songs. Jon sings two verses of «I Can't Help Falling In Love» before starting «Bed of Roses». Furthermore I don't get why this filmer used to add these grotesque effects to his videos every once in a while (he did the same on the August flaunt). Menu/Chapters: Yes/Not like (1 DVD) Cusp: Audience (platform filmed) Start: old hand Specialized Dirt (gained with MPEG Streamclip): Duration: 2:00:35 Evidence Enormousness: 4.01 GB Bit : 4.76 Mbps Video Tracks: 224 MPEG — 2, 704 x 480, 4:3, 29.969999999999999 fps, 9.59 Mbps, more recent capital letters american football gridiron first Audio Tracks: 128 AC3 2/0, 48 kHz, 256 kbps Gush Files: VTS_01_1.VOB (1023.46 MB) VTS_01_2.VOB (1023.46 MB) VTS_01_3.VOB (1023.46 MB) VTS_01_4.VOB (1023.46 MB) VTS_01_5.VOB (12.91 MB) Profit From!!!