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Osho_The Last Testament, Vol 1, Chapter #25 11 August 1985 pm in Jesus Grove,US In Detail: 51 mins INTERVIEWS WITH HELMUT WERB, PHOTOJOURNALIST WITH: ESCARPMENT THE LEADING PART, ITALY; MUSIC SIGNIFY, GERMANY, HOLLAND; O'KEG, SWEDEN; MUSIC MAN, AUSTRIA; FI, ENGLAND; SUBSTANTIAL, MEXICO Q: I'M WORKING FOR TWELVE DIFFERENT MAGAZINES IN EUROPE AND AUSTRALIA. I ASKED EVERY CULL PUBLICATION TO SUBMIT ONE CONFUSION, WHICH I THEN RELAY TO YOU. SO SOME OF THE QUESTIONS WILL BE MOMENTARILY FROM THE MAGAZINES; UNSYMPATHETICALLY ONE-THIRD ARE MY OWN QUESTIONS. SOME OF THE QUESTIONS ARE VERY FRANK, SOME OF THEM WILL BE DIALECTIC... A: I will flee the frank ones also dialectic. Q: SEVERAL NEWSPAPERS IN NEW YORK, COLLECTIVE STATES, REPORTED THAT THE THOUSAND OF RAJNEESHEES WORLDWIDE ARE DECLINING, AND THAT YOU'RE SLOWLY EVENT OUT OF RESOURCES. NOW AFTER SEVERAL YEARS OF MUTE YOU HAVE STARTED TALKING AGAIN, YOU STARTED GIVING INTERVIEWS, YOU STARTED TO TALK WITH THE DISCIPLES. IS THIS VOICE OF A MEMBERSHIP PRESSURIZE, OR IS IT JUST YOUR WISH TO COMMUNICATE? A: In the first purpose, sannyasins are increasing all over the men, so there is no confusion of their abate. Secondly, I don't believe in converting anybody. I believe that the very exertion to modify somebody is trespassing his facility, his being. I can say what I want to say, but there is no exertion to modify anybody to sannyas. In my whole mortal, I have never converted a cull in the flesh to sannyas. ...................... I was not in the men one day, and the men has been here for millennia. Nobody asks me: «Bhagwan, what have You done when You were not here for the world?» Nobody asks that confusion. It is as appropriate as the other confusion. One is about the existence, when I was not here; one is about the coming when I will not be here. But both are certainly trivial. I am here -- that is the only place; and I am now, that is the only spell. And I don't worry anything. I am not going to author a register a will that somebody should be my successor. There is no need. I emit facility,... .................................... Q: THE PRINCE OF HANOVER WAS ONE OF YOUR FAVORITE SANNYASINS. HE WAS VERY ILL, AND THERE IS A RUMOR THAT YOU ASKED TO CUT THE OXYGEN TO REDUCE HIS PAIN. HOW DO YOU GUESS ABOUT PORTION PEOPLE TO DIE IN PERSONAL CASES? A: That rumor is certainly retrogress. Do you think if the rumor had any signify then the superior kinsfolk of Germany would have remained silent? And the pater of the Prince, the mam of the Prince were award at the cremation in India. The buddy of the Prince was there, the mate of the Prince was there, the daughter of the Prince was there.... ................................... Q: IN AN EXAMINE WITH AN AMERICAN NEWSPAPER, YOUR FORMER RANCH ADMINISTRATOR BOB HARVEY, SAID THAT HE RESTORED SEVERAL MINES ON YOUR SEEK ON THE GROUNDS OF THE RANCH -- THE OUINNS* RESERVE, FOR EXAMPLE. WHAT IS IN THESE MINES? AND IS IT APT WHAT SANNYASIN DHYAN JOHN SAID THAT YOU; HAVE BUILT A KALI TEMPLE? A: That is certainly retrogress. Because in those three and half years while this man Bob Harvey was here, I was mute. I spoke only to Sheela. I never instructed him. That's certainly wrong;.... laid-back download of Osho audios and books from oshoworld(dot)com