Osho_The Last Testament Vol-2 #18.mp4

The Last Testament, Vol 2 Chapter #18 Chapter term: You Cannot Let Down Me 7 September 1985 pm in Jesus Grove [NOTE: This discourse is published in the regulations: The Last Testament, Mass 1, as Chapter 9.] Ma Yoga Pratima RAJNEESHPURAM OREGON DOUBTFUL: PARAMOUR BHAGWAN, WHEN ASKED WHETHER RAJNEESHEES AND THEIR NEIGHBORS IN OREGON COULD EVER COEXIST PEACEFULLY, YOUR COME BACK WAS, «NEVER.» WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY NEVER? WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY COEXISTENCE? TAKE: The dialogue coexistence has a very bad administrative connotation. Coexistence completely means that the two parties persevere a leavings unfavourable, that there is no other way for reconcilement, for meet, for merging. Coexistence is the least that can be done. For example, the Soviet Splice and America are in coexistence. Q: YOU HAVE SAID YOU HAVE NEVER PAID ANY TAXES BECAUSE YOUR LINE IS CARING WITH CONSEQUENCE, NOT WITH GAINS. WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY THIS OUTCOME? A: Just the vis- of gains. Q: MANY TIMES YOU HAVE STRESSED THAT YOU ARE NOT A RAJNEESHEE, OFTEN POINTING OUT THAT ONE CAN TELL BY YOUR CLOTHES. WHY DO YOU VOW ON THE DISTINCTION? IS THERE A SKILFUL CHARACTER BETWEEN YOU AND THE PEOPLE WHO REQUEST THEMSELVES RAJNEESHEES? OR IS IT JUST A OCCASION OF CLOTHES? A: It is just a occasion of clothes. Q: BECAUSE OF THE WAY YOUR SWARM LOOKS AFTER YOU -- YOUR ALLURING CLOTHES, THE JEWELERY, THE CARS -- DO SOME OF YOUR SANNYASINS PUT YOU ON A STAND AND TOLERATE THAT YOU ARE HIGHER THAN THEM? HOW CAN THEY ESCAPE THIS FACE WHILE STILL GIVING YOU ALL THE INFATUATION AND CAREFULNESS THAT THEY DO? A: Nobody is putting me on any higher stand. There is no need to escape it because I am heedful enough not to sit on any higher stand