Osho_The Last Testament Vol-2 #17.mp4

The Last Testament, Vol 2 Chapter #17, Chapter crown: Willy-Willy Of Awakening 6 September 1985 pm in Jesus Grove ......................... Ma Yoga Pratima, RAJNEESHPURAM, OREGON SOUND OUT: ADMIRED BHAGWAN, YOU HAVE SAID THAT SOMETIMES YOU SAY THINGS TO JOLT AND UPSET PEOPLE'S CATNAP, AND THAT THERE ARE MILLIONS OF PEOPLE IN THE THE WORLD AT LARGE WHO NEED JUST A LITTLE BIT OF SHAKING AND THEY WILL ON THE ALERT. ARE THESE PEOPLE WHO ARE BEING SHOCKED BY YOU NOW ALSO LISTENING TO YOU? ARE THEY STARTING TO BECOME CONTEMPORARIES? ARE THEY STARTING TO WAKE UP? REPLY: They certainly are tossing and turning in their catnap! But there is colossal trust. They are trying unpleasant to last asleep. I jolt them, they take a expose, draw up the blanket over, but I am not to be defeated by their weak-mindedness. I am unhesitating to wake them up by each and every means possible. I will say things which are not upright, I will do things which I am not supposititious to do, but I will wake them up. Q: THERE IS A LOT OF OPPONENT TO WHAT IS TAKING PLACE HERE. YOUR GUIDANCE TO PEOPLE IS TO BE AWARE IN THE CLASH AGAINST THE POLITICIANS, TO USE SOUND METHODS, TO USE THE DEMOCRACY. IF THESE SOUND METHODS LABOUR AND THE CASES ARE WON, WON'T THE POLITICIANS BE EVEN MORE FRUSTRATED, EVEN MORE IRASCIBLE AT THIS COMMUNITY? OR DO YOU SEE A CONCEIVABILITY OF A VARIETY TAKING PLACE IN THE CARRIAGE TOWARDS RAJNEESHEES? A: Both things will encounter. We are not going to use any illegitimate means in the clash with the politicians. ... Q: YOU SAY YOU ARE CONDEMNED BY ORGANIZATION BECAUSE THEY ARE GLUM AND YOU AND THOSE AROUND YOU ARE ECSTATIC. DOES ORGANIZATION SEE IT IN THOSE TERMS? ARE PEOPLE PURPOSEFUL THAT THIS IS THE INTELLECT THEY ARE AGAINST YOU? Ask Google for relaxed PDF of this talks.. relaxed audios and books download from oshoworld(dot)com and portion! thank you!