Osho_The Last Testament_vol-2 #15_about AIDS.mp4

The Last Testament, Vol 2,Chapter #15 4 September 1985 pm in Jesus Grove In Detail: 103 mins DISCUSSION WITH KGW TV, PORTLAND, OREGON THEME:* BHAGWAN, HELLO. YOU MUST BE WEAK AFTER THE ADMISSION. A:* No. Q:* I«M COME TO ASK YOU A SERIES OF QUESTIONS ABOUT AIDS. WE SAW YOUR A YEAR AND A HALF A GO, IN STRUT OF 1984, AT A EVERY NOW WHEN YOU SAID THAT TWO-THIRDS OF THE WORLD»S INHABITANTS WOULD FINALLY DIE OF THE AFFLICTION. I'M INQUISITIVE WHERE THAT RECKON CAME FROM, AND WHY YOU BELIEVE THIS IS TRUE.Q:* AT THE ADVICE MEETING THERE WAS TALK OF A GUN IN THE AUDIENCE. AND THE THEME OF YOUR BEING KILLED CAME UP AT THAT EVERY NOW TOO. IS THIS SOMETHING THAT YOU CAN THINK ABOUT A LOT? IS THIS SOMETHING THAT IS IN THE MINDS OF YOUR PEOPLE? OR ... Q:* THE MUNICIPALITY THAT YOU BUILT, IS IT SUPERLATIVE NOW, OR WHAT IS THE NEXT FOOTSTEP OR ORGANIZE OF ITS DEVELOPMENT? WHAT HAPPENS NEXT HERE? Q:* IT SOUNDS LIKE WHAT YOU'RE ESTABLISHING HERE IS AN BID FOR AN SANCTUM THAT WILL CREDULOUS ALL THE DIRE THINGS THAT YOU FORETELL WITHIN THE NEXT DECADE, THE NEXT TWENTY YEARS. THE PURPOSE THEN WOULD BE FOR BHAGWAN AND THE SANNYASINS TO MISGUIDE MANKIND OUT OF ALL OF THIS THROUGH THE COMMUNES, AND THAT WOULD BE THE PURPOSE OF RAJNEESHPURAM AND THE OTHERS? A:* No, it is not the purpose. The purpose is to become for the whole mankind a new archetype of nursery school of training, a working model for the tomorrow. But it depends on them. Q:* WHAT YOU«RE SAYING SOUNDS LIKE IT»S FROM THE FOREFRONT AND NOT THE PLUCK. PEOPLE WANT FAMILIES, CHILDREN, PLENTY, AND THE PROCLIVITY THAT THESE VICTUAL. THEY WANT THE CONVENTION OF THESE THINGS. (MUFFLED) WHAT YOU'RE SAYING IS FROM THE FOREFRONT. A:* What I am saying is of the pluck, but the pluck cannot say it. It has to use the forefront to say it. Q:* ABOUT SIX, EIGHT MONTHS AGO, THERE WAS A PROGRAM SPONSORED BY THE CHURCH, CALLED «TO THE PLUCK OF AMERICA,» WHICH SENT SANNYASINS OUT TO FOUR CITIES. THIS LOOKED VERY MUCH LIKE A PROSELYTIZER APPLICATION. WOULD YOU APPROVE OF SUCH A THING? A: What are you saying? (A sannyasin explains that the university, RIMU, arranged a program to send sannyasins to different cities.) A:* I have not even heard about it. These people must have been done something... But I have not heard about it, that's why I could not have found out your theme. These people from the university may have gone to other universities or other cities where people were asking to have found out what is going on here, and what is my key aplomb. So few people had gone on inducement. We are not missionaries. We will never go anywhere uninvited. .. Please, progeny, download pardon audios and books from oshoworld(dot)com. Thank you