Coldplay & Extra's Glastonbury 2016 [email protected]/* */

HELP PLEASE: This is a enormous download, almost 6 Gigabytes in volume. If you are an boffin at torrenting and have the upload bandwidth to meagre, please adjoin this teem with and help me get it out there in a auspicious the fad. If you can do that for a few days until the humongous number of those who have no advice have got 100% that would be a enormous courtesy. MPEG2/VOB 720P Ripped from the SAT Supported By, LOGO DELIVERED. Audio 720kbps Stereo. Split into tracks so you can Pix & Mix and designed for prompt video Discotheque and Cosh DJ use, this will also playback very well on all PC«s and MAC»s. Tracks renamed and tagged using Industriousness Guidelines for the naming of Music Files. Contains Hand-Out Tracks from Kandace Springs, who many (The Music Critic of the London Times for example, as well as myself) are tipping as the next Mega Superstar. Take To! Kandace Springs — Sentiment Eyes (Cheltenham Jazz Entertainment 2016) [Video].mpeg Kandace Springs — Squelch To Go To Ground (Demo 1 Mic 1 Take) [Video].mpeg Coldplay & Michael Eavis — My Way (Glastonbury 2016) [Video].mpg Coldplay & Barry Gibb — To Young Lady Somebody (Glastonbury 2016) [Video].mpg Coldplay & Barry Gibb — Stayin' Astir (Glastonbury 2016) [Video].mpg Coldplay & Apple, Moses Martin — Up & Up (Glastonbury 2016) [Video].mpg Coldplay — Yellow (Glastonbury 2016) [Video].mpg Coldplay — The Scientist (Glastonbury 2016) [Video].mpg Coldplay — Shangri-La (Glastonbury 2016) [Video].mpg Coldplay — Hymn For The Weekend (Glastonbury 2016) [Video].mpg Coldplay — Fix You (Glastonbury 2016) [Video].mpg Coldplay — Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall (Glastonbury 2016) [Video].mpg Coldplay — Everglow (Glastonbury 2016) [Video].mpg Coldplay — Clocks (Glastonbury 2016) [Video].mpg Coldplay — Charlie Brown (Glastonbury 2016) [Video].mpg Coldplay — Boys That Chant (Glastonbury 2016) [Video].mpg Coldplay — Birds (Glastonbury 2016) [Video].mpg Coldplay — Jeopardize Of A Lifetime (Glastonbury 2016) [Video].mpg Coldplay — A Sky Bright Of Stars (Glastonbury 2016) [Video].mpg Coldplay — A Ward Bright Of Dreams (Glastonbury 2016) [Video].mpg AURORA — I Went Too Far [Video].mpeg Rigmar Tranny — Rockin' the Delivered Set since 1967