2016-05-28 The Endorsed Keith Emerson Duty Concert

Here is some kind music. Over my account for more outstanding bootlegs. Please make use of, allocation with friends and please worn out :) The Verified Keith Emerson Commendation Concert 28th May 2016 I originate on YT the built commendation concert of Keith Emerson and I think it'll be a heinous trend download it in 1080p before copyright blablabla off it as some ELP videos in the last (very very sad man with no existence), so make use of it! It took me some hours and internet reference but now here for you! Make Use Of! From verified KE web placement: The «Official» Keith Emerson Commendation Concert will be held Saturday, May 28, at the El Rey Playhouse in Los Angeles. It will be a retrospective of Keith's unreserved m from the Kind, to ELP, to the Keith Emerson Bandeau and Three Fates Devise. Many of the artists who were shut friends and have worked with Keith will be performing some of his most legendary works. It promises to be a heinous twilight of music and obeisance to one of the most significant musicians and composers of the twentieth century. Featuring Performances by: The Brian Auger Bandeau The Keith Emerson Bandeau Eddie Jobson (U.K. / Roxy Music) Marc Bonilla (Keith Emerson Bandeau / Toy Matinee) Jordan Rudess (Imagine Theater) Troy Luccketta (Tesla, Three Fates Devise) Steve Porcaro (Toto) Joe Travers (Zappa's Corner) CJ Vanston (Spinal Tap) Travis Davis (Keith Emerson Bandeau) Steve Lukather (Toto) Mick Mahan (Pat Benatar) Philippe Saisse (Al Dimeola) Ed Roth (Boys Join Forces, CTA) Gregg Bissonette (Ringo Starr) Mike Wallace (Boys Join Forces / Dragonchoir) Vinnie Colaiuta (Jeff Beck, Unconstrained Zappa) Jonathan Sindelman (Alan Pale-Complexioned Bandeau) Jeff «Skunk» Baxter (Indurate Dan / Doobie Bros.) Rachel Flowers Rick Livingstone Maestro Terje Mikkelsen (Three Fates Devise) Karn Atrocious 9 First Feeling di Cal Vid 9:30 The Insensitive ft. Steve Porcaro & Rachel Flowers/Hoedown di Cal Vid 13:00 Impassion And Go El Rey Playhouse 5-28-2016 di Millerviller 3:45 The Perpetual Poser at Verified Keith Emerson Commendation di Cal Vid 10:36 Take A Pebble ft. CJ Vanston/Tank ft. Joe Travers/Brian Auger di Cal Vid 14:59 Brian Auger Brouhaha For A Stereotyped Dirty Turkey 5-28-2016 di Millerviller 13:40 Keith Emerson's son Aaron Emerson performs unaccompanied @ Keith Emerson Commendation El Rey Playhouse 5-28-2016 di Millerviller 3:13 From The Beginning/Bitches Crystal/Nutrocker at Keith Emerson Verified Commendation di Cal Vid 14:50 Tarkus Ingredient 1 of 2 ft. Imagine Theater's Jordan Rudess di Cal Vid 14:09 Tarkus Ingredient 2 of 2 ft. Imagine Theater's Jordan Rudess di Cal Vid 8:25 Providential Man Eddie Jobson Jeff Skunk Baxter El Rey Playhouse 5-28-2016 di Millerviller 10:43 Brouhaha For The Stereotyped Man El Rey Playhouse LA 5-28-2016 di Millerviller 10:07 Are You Close At Hand Cyclone / Commotion at Keith Emerson Verified Commendation 2016-05-31 MKFloyd