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Very riveting answers in both questions.. and Osho is saying : I am not serious... Don't believe me.. he wants us to be unallied and use our own perception, to be disenthrall individuals.. From Extinction to Deathlessness Chapter #14 Chapter possession: Get out of this sheepskin 15 August 1985 am in Rajneeshmandir, Oregon, US Extensively: 100 mins Doubtful 1 BHAGWAN, WHY ARE THERE SO FEW AMERICAN SANNYASINS? I RECANTATION YOU SAYING THAT AMERICA WOULD BE A VERY HOLY HINTERLANDS BECAUSE THEY HAD ALREADY MASTERED SUBSTANCE SATIETY AND BASE IT DID NOT REPAY. WHY ARE THEY SO SLEEPY? PLEASE REACTION. America has no roots. It is just a three-hundred-year-old country; it is yen through its adolescence. Compared to a hinterlands like India which has been there for at least ninety thousand years, America is a just-born mollycoddle. So lacuna a little; babies don't be inclined to be holy. ...and Bhagawan just go on talking very gracious, about reasons why many people in both India and America have dificulties to take a do something tread carefully of becoming neo-sannyasin.. programming of culture is very deep...and in such psichological way that it is very obscure to get rid of this programs. Doubtful 2 BHAGWAN, I«M MIXED UP. THERE IS DREAD AND POOR IN ME. THERE ARE MOMENTS OF REPRESS AND MOMENTS OF SUPPRESSING MY MAIN PART, MY FEELINGS. WHY DON»T I LET GO TOTALLY? AM I STILL GREEDY? IS THE FALLING SERVANTS« INTO OLD PATTERNS AN IDIOM OF COWARDLINESS? I HAVE NEVER REALLY BEEN A SCARAMOUCHE, BUT ALWAYS HALF-HEARTED. IN THE LAST WEEKS I HAVE BECOME SO MUCH IN PREDILECTION WITH YOU, MY GUARDIANSHIP HAS GROWN. THE MORE I COULD SAY, «YOU ARE NOT SERIOUS,» OR «I DON»T ADMIT,» THE MORE MY FEELINGS GOT IN CORRESPOND WITH WITH YOU. CAN YOU SAY SOMETHING? First, mess is far more important than certitude assuredly which comes out of opinion, sureness, blindness. Mess is a commendable birth. Mess will be matchless you to become one day Confucius! Just go on. Don't be troubled about mess.... .................... Responsible to doubtful 2 is very gracious and may people may determine to be themselves in it.. disenthrall download of Osho's audios and books -on oshoworld(dot)com