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Chapter #12 Chapter designation: From Italy to Nirvana 7 November 1980 am in Buddha Vestibule Q2 and Q3 on video The second mistrust: Mistrust 2 VALUED OSHO, THE EVERYONE SEEMS TO BE GETTING MORE AND MORE PREPOSTEROUS FROM DAY TO DAY. NOBODY KNOWS WHAT IS GOING ON AND EVERYTHING IS UPSIDE DOWN AND DISORGANIZED. THIS IS WHAT IS TOLD IN THE NEWSPAPERS. IS IT REAL? AND IF SO, IS THERE ANY HEREDITARY REST IN SUBSISTENCE WHICH IS KEEPING EVERYTHING STABLE? Buddhaprem, the everyone is the same; it has always been the same -- upside down, preposterous, head. In factually, only one fashion new has happened in the everyone, and that is the awareness that we ARE preposterous, that we are upside down, that something is basically terrible with us. And this is a devoted benediction -- this awareness.... The third mistrust: Mistrust 3 VALUED OSHO, IS IT VERIFIABLE THAT YOU ARE REALLY AN ITALIAN? Antar Vittorio, not now, but I must have been in some of my last lives. One has to dated through all kinds of things; one has to be an Italian too. Without being an Italian you cannot become well-informed -- that much is assuredly certain. If somebody becomes well-informed without being an Italian he will have to come back; he will retrogression from his enlightenment. Hence it is a must to dated through. To be an Italian is just the vis- of being well-informed. Have you ever heard about any Italian becoming enlightened? But it helps -- to enhance the vis- everyplace very is very necessary; only then the galivant begins towards the provenance. You have gone as much astray as you could, then the plentiful sons give. You have to come disregard -- there is nowhere else to go. Once you are an Italian, where else can you go? What else can you do? You have reached the emotionless end of the technique. So it is virtuousness to be an Italian -- the sooner it happens the better!... Download parole books and audios from oshoworld(dot)com