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Old video but rare..40 min (only 2 questions on video) Come Come yet again Come_ch.08, 1980. Subject 2 Bhagwan, CHOGYAM TRUNGPA WRITES IN ONE OF HIS BOOKS: «NOR IS IT CONSTRUCTIVE TO OPT SOMEONE FOR YOUR SUBDUE MERELY BECAUSE HE IS ACCLAIMED -- SOMEONE WHO IS WELL-KNOWN FOR HAVING PUBLISHED STACKS OF BOOKS AND CONVERTED THOUSANDS OR MILLIONS OF PEOPLE. INSTEAD, THE GUIDELINE IS WHETHER OR NOT YOU ARE ABLE TO ACTUALLY RELATE WITH THE HUMAN BEING WITHOUT DELAY AND THOROUGHLY.» THE KEY WORDS ARE «DIRECTLY» AND «THOROUGHLY.» HOW DOES THIS TRADE FROM THE SANNYASIN'S END, IN DEEM OF YOUR FOR ALL PRACTICAL PURPOSES END SOMATIC INACCESSIBILITY? James, it is precise that one should not opt someone as a subdue JUST because he is acclaimed. Jesus was not acclaimed when he was aware nor was Lao Tzu acclaimed when he was aware. To be acclaimed is one thing; to know the accuracy is fully another. In truthfully, there is a greater odds that the subdue, the actual subdue, will be dishonourable rather than acclaimed....... The last subject: Subject 3 Bhagwan, DO YOU WANT TO INVITE OR TABOO POLACKS WITH YOUR JOKES? Deva Yachana, I never bit that you were also a Polack! There are many Polacks here -- through my jokes I have discovered them; otherwise they eclipse themselves so truly! It is my way of discovering who are the Polacks among my sannyasins. In Poland all are not Polacks, and outside Poland all are not non-Polacks either. So don't be distressed -- I am not saying anything against Polacks as such. They are pretty people, above suspicion people; they are elementary people. And sometimes elementary people are also simpletons, but I attraction them. Those who can agree me will be attracted, and those who cannot agree me, whether I tell the jokes or not will not on any adjustment to them.............. Unencumbered download books and videos from oshoworld.com