The Sheriff of Fractured Jaw [Kenneth More] (1958) DVDRip Oldies

Save: The Sheriff of Fractured Jaw [Kenneth More] (1958) DVDRip Oldies Term in Brazil: Os Apuros de um Xerife Uploader: labok Gauge: 746 MB Species: Western Linguage: English Runtime: 103 mins Gauge: AVI Resolução: 608 x 272 Video Codec: XVID Subtittles: English Audio Codec: AC — 3 Taxa de Biltrate: 256 Kbps IMDB Rating: 6,1 (awaiting 679 users) IMDB: Directed By: Raoul Walsh Starring: Robert Morley ... Uncle Lucius Ronald Esquire ... Toynbee (His Attorney) David Horne ... James (His Butler) Eynon Evans ... Mason (Chief — Jonathan Tibbs & Co.) Kenneth More ... Jonathan Tibbs Jayne Mansfield ... Kate Henry Frame ... Masters William Campbell ... Keeno Bruce Cabot ... Jack Sidney James ... The Under The Influence Donald Stewart ... The Drummer Reed De Rouen ... Clayborne Clancy Cooper ... A Barber Charles Irwin ... Luke Synopis: The aristocratic Tony moves to London and hires the houseman Hugo Barrett for all services at stamping-ground. Barrett seems to be a true and suitable wage-earner, but Tony«s girlfriend Susan does not like him and asks Tony to send him away. When Barrett brings his sister Vera to line and existent in the quarter, Tony has a brief concealed business with her. After traveling with Susan and spending a combine of days in a friend»s quarter outside London, the combine unexpectedly returns and finds Barrett and Vera, who are actually lovers, in Tony's . They are fired and Susan breaks with Tony. Later, Tony meets Barrett alone in a pub and hires him undeveloped, and Barrett imposes his legitimate inky intentions in the quarter, turning the food and switching sentiment with his virtuoso. Sinopse Pt Br Jonathan Tibbs select vender as armas fabricadas por sua família. Para conseguir vende-las ele vai ao oeste, onde se apaixona por uma loira dona de um saloon. Uma série de equívocos o fazem ser confundido com um perito atirador, e ele acaba sendo nomeado xerife da cidade caótica de Queixo Quebrado. Inexperiente ele só pode contar com a ajuda de sua loira para saber como agir