The Beatles - 1969 - Four Nights in Moscow

Here is a very intricate bootleg. Limitation my account for more first-rate bootlegs. Please benefit, piece with friends and please spore :) FAB PRODUCTIONS Liberated FOUR NIGHTS IN MOSCOW NTSC DVD DVD-R mimic 108 minutes GSpot Yield: DVD «VOB» element MPEG &#151; 2 Program Rush << { 1 vid, 1 aud } Sys Bitrate: 10080 kb/s VBR Audio Codec: AC3 NTSC &#151; Interlaced, Rump Pasture First 4697 kbps 29.970 Frames / s 720x480 Resolve 4:3 Element Proportion December 5-6: Apotmeosis Filming Bull Motel &#151; John and Yoko December 11: Come and Get it &#151; Wizardry Cristian Opening Night December 12: Falkoner Coliseum in Copenghagen, Denmark Georg with Delaney and Bonnie &#151; With Eric Clapton Miserable Elljah 4. Don't know Why 5. My Pamper Specializes 6. Where There«s a Will, There»s A Way 7. Your My woman 8. That's What My Man is For 9. Coming Cosy 10. December 15: Avro Televizier Journal &#151; Apple Cohort, London John and Yoko Press Conference 11. December 15: Lyceum Ballroom in London Concert John, Yoko, George Harrison and The Unformed Ono Platoon 12. December 17: Ontario Field Center, Toronto, Canada A scourge For Friendly &#151; CBC Documentary Filmed December 17-22 Plus Additional Footage 13. December 17: Ontario Field Center, Push Colloquy 14. December 18: Ronnie Hawkins Smallholding,Mississauga, Canada Snow Mossiling and Press Conference 15. December 18: APTN John and Yoko Press Conference 16. December 20: CBS &#151; TV John and Yoko Press Conference 17. December 20: CBC Weekend John and Yoko Press Conference 18. December 22: Compatibility Prepare Post, Toronto, Canada 19. December 22: Chateau Champlain, Montreal, Canada Push Colloquy 20. December 22: CBC Weekday &#151; In Toronto and Montreal 21. December 23: CBC Expos &#151; Center Cube, Parliament Erection Ottowa, Canada &#151; John and Yoko Pierre Trudeau