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No Limit S02 - Hardcoded Eng Subs &#151; Sno The inured process thriller returns for a second series as Vincent takes on more on the sly missions for Hydra in the big board for experiential treatment for his leader excrescence. 1/8. Vincent gets a office to infiltrate an illicit diamond trading network called Negro At One«s Fingertips and nab the headmistress of the organisation, Franck Koskas, who is managerial for an arson seize on Lola»s creed 2/8. As Vincent worms his way into the organisation headed by Koskas, Alex enters the lion«s den when she investigates the legitimate demesne pty she holds managerial for the pep at her daughter»s creed 3/8. Having successfully become a colleague of the network run by Koskas, Vincent is given his first tests of firmness: an armed hold-up and an implementation. Lola falls for a youthful activist named Virgile. 4/8. Koskas makes Vincent a colleague of his inner class, but Vincent must safeguard his new boss from his sister Juliette, who is investigating the new bank hold-up, inobservant that her buddy is the accused. 5/8. Working confidential for Koskas, Vincent is tasked with piracy the archetype of a new drone from the French army. Juliette is onset to realise that her buddy could be the distrust she's after. 6/8. Having successfully stolen the drone archetype, Vincent must now learn out what Koskas intends to use it for. Meanwhile, Vincent's gruelling on the sly encounter with his leader excrescence turns a corner. 7/8. Enchanted with his new expos, Vincent decides to take a break, but he is instantly recalled to task and finds himself phizog to phizog with Koskas. Juliette is about to turn everything about Hydra. 8/8. Vincent tries to throw up down Koskas before the policewomen nab up with him. But Koskas is planning a sarin gas seize on a European Commission erection where Alex and Lola are attending an occurrence. Video 852 x 480 / 29.97 fps / 1000 (approx) kbps / MP4 Audio 128 kbps AAC Duration 0:50 (approx) Sow to the Max &#151; Merci beaucoup . . . Sno <a href="« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow"</a No Limit, Stage Play, Sno, Luc Besson, Hardcoded, French, Thriller ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I sow all of my torrents to a relationship of 150:1 - please help sow to keep them active ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ripped / Encoded / Uploaded by Snowhiter ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Any Bitcoin Donations Welcome here : 164BRZMwZZHmBHS7WLU2s4ZB3geRZZuV3b