Osho_The Last Testament Vol-5 #21_Kathmandu_1986

Impoverished importance old video (rare documentary) but still tolerable image and sound.Complete primer is fixed devoted to Classify evaluate : 264 MiB Duration : 1h 51mn Bit position : 257 Kbps Compass : 704 pixels Maximum : 576 pixels Pattern position : 15.000 fps audio MP3 Bit position : 64.0 Kbps Bring On(s) : 2 channels Sampling position : 44.1 KHz ........... The Last Testament, Vol 5 Chapter #21 14 January 1986 pm in Kathmandu, Nepal INTERROGATE WITH KATHY GANNON, FOTO SQUEEZE Q: BHAGWAN, THERE SEEMS TO BE A NEW BIRTH OF CONSERVATISM, NOT ONLY IN WIREPULLING BUT IN PEOPLE«S SEARCH FOR INNER-GRIT, FOR FACT, NON-COMBATIVE. GROUPS SUCH AS THE PROPER LION»S SHARE APPEAR TO BE GAINING LOAM, STRENGTHENING THEIR MOVE. WHAT IS THE DRIVING WREST BEHIND THIS RESURGENCE? HOW DOES IT STRUGGLE OR PART COMPANY FROM YOUR TEACHINGS? A: It always happens, whenever high society comes to a bring up of mutiny, the fundamentalist forces have resurgence; for the direct goal -- to debar the mutiny that is imminent. It is a defense stamp. But in actuality, it is an acceptance of defeat.... ................ Q: BHAGWAN, THERE ARE THE FEW THAT ARE VERY LUSCIOUS, AND THOSE THAT ARE POOR; BUT IN THE MIDRIFF SITS THE GRAND LION'S SHARE WHO ARE ORDINARY IN REVENUES AND INTELLIGENCE. DO THEY CONTROL THE SPHERE TO FORGIVE YOUR TEACHINGS? OR MUST SOME CORPOREAL SELF-SUFFICIENCY BE ATTAINED BEFORE ACCEPTANCE CAN BE ACHIEVED? A: The underlying matter is not to fulfil corporeal sufficiency; because there have been even impoverished people who have attained to the ultimate..... ............................ Q: BHAGWAN, IS THE INCREASING MOVE OF RELIGIOUSLY MOTIVATED PEOPLE ON DIRECTION DIRECTING POLICY? WHERE WILL THE INCREASING MOVE OF DOCTRINE ON ROYAL, LEAD? A: It will bring on even to a worse indulgent of just ecstatic than we have got. It is the move of the faithful leaders, faithful doctrines, that has created the pain of the mother earth. And now, it is certainly increasing