Osho_The Last Testament_Vol-5 #12_India-Kulu-Manali

This is talk in Manali, India, after Rajneeshpuram. Video is not of principal value, but there are 2 mp3 files and textbook in folder. Cheerful in this video is given also as an audio (mp3) with 2 apart titles; as «Light on the tow-way #02» and The Last Testament vol — 5 #12.Textbook may be ground also in 2 diferent books :Lantern on the Tow-Way 02, and The Last testament vol5 #12, which is earlier print run. Video March scope : 403 MiB Duration : 1h 39mn Bit : 434 Kbps Compass : 704 pixels Apogee : 576 pixels Put Together : 15.000 fps Guideline : PAL audio: AAc Bit : 128 Kbps Lead(s) : 2 channels Sampling : 44.1 KHz some of the questions: Cast Doubt Upon 1 Bhagwan, GREETINGS FROM THE INDIAN «RAJNEESH TIMES» DEAREST AND EVERYONE AT THE RAJNEESHDHAM NEO-SANNYAS COMMUNE. THERE ARE MANY SANNYASINS BOTH IN INDIA AND IN FOREIGN LANDS WHO HAVE NEVER SEEN YOU, BUT THEIR INFATUATION FOR YOU AND THEIR COMMITMENT TO YOUR DREAM IS AWE-INSPIRING. HOW EXACTLY DOES THIS UPON -- THIS MUCH INFATUATION, THIS MUCH TRUST? It is in happening easier if you have not seen me, and yet the infatuation has happened, the commitment. It will be far more antiseptic, far more unconditional, far more cold. Seeing me, being with me, and yet loving me thoroughly, is more difficult..... Cast Doubt Upon 2 SWEETHEART OSHO, THE FAIR PEOPLE CONCEIVE MUCH BUSTLE AND FERVOR, MISINTERPRETING THE LOVING, TACITURN, MELLIFLUOUS AND MEDITATING SANNYASINS AS BRAINWASHED. WHAT DO YOU SAY ABOUT THIS NATIONAL OF AFFAIRS? Cast Doubt Upon 3 Bhagwan, IT SEEMS THAT THE U.S. AUTHORITIES AND ADMINISTRATION -- AND THE GOVERNMENTS AROUND THE WONDERFUL -- ARE MORE SHOCKED BY YOUR SANNYASINS' TOGETHERNESS AND HEROISM THAN WE OURSELVES WERE BY THEIR DRACONIAN ABUSE OF YOU. Bhagwan, DO YOU SEEM TO BE WE HAVE MISSED SOMETHING; OR WHAT ELSE MAY WE LEARN FROM SUCH NOTEWORTHY SITUATIONS? No, you have not missed anything. It was so new for you that you could not presume out what was happening; you were in a national of abashment. But you showed your potency truly well, and you made the American administration hep that they cannot do anything to me without destroying their own fetish of democracy. It was a principal-hazard id