Osho_The Last Testament_Vol-3 #21_from Germany

Last 13 min are still pictures and audio. All transcription line is spoken for as diverge fill out. Organization : AVC Duration : 1h 21mn Bit tariff : 855 Kbps Insignificant bit tariff : 1 000 Kbps Span : 640 pixels Extreme : 480 pixels Magnificence viewpoint correlation : 4:3 Give Form tariff : 25.000 fps Audio Organization : AAC Duration : 1h 21mn Duration_FirstFrame : 70ms Bit tariff fashion : Fickle Bit tariff : 90.6 Kbps Extreme bit tariff : 96.0 Kbps Medium(s) : 2 channels Sampling tariff : 44.1 KHz The Last Testament, Vol 3, Chapter #21 11 October 1985 pm in Sanai Grove Extensively: 78 mins AUDIENCE BY SWAMI DHARMA BODHI, DIE NEUE ZEITUNG, GERMANY Bhagawan, this audience is suposed to be published in German monthly new magazin edited by swami Gurudas with contributions by Fritjoff Capra and swami Deva Peter who has written a imperturbable engage which became, suprasingly the bestseller in Germany, called «Criticism of Cynical Reason».(This enter in of his dispute is not in custom transcription, but only heard in video) BODHI: SOMEHOW I QUALITY THAT THIS RATHER MENTAL JOURNAL WHICH I CHARACTERIZE AS NEEDS SOME FUN. YOU ARE THE ONLY AND FIRST MAVIN WITH A HAZARD TO DRUDGERY ON A PLANETARY RANK, USING TODAY'S COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS. DO YOU LIKE SCANDALS AS A MEANS OF PUBLICITY? A: Certainly. (Q:Is Sheela doing the job for the whole men which Eva Renzi did 1977 for Germany? A:She is doing for the whole men.) This dispute and suffice for are also missing in legitimate transcription. To read this dispute and Osho's small suffice for one should know what happened in sannyas moving 1977 in Germany. «He's talking about the German actress Eva Renzi. The ashram kind-heartedness it bright in 1977 to drop carnal confrontations in group therapy groups, such as the Come Into Conflict With Corps, after Eva Renzi went to German Gruff journal (I think) with an account of having been beaten.»( thanks to expose of an superior sannyasin -Angela J. Q: THIS IS THE FIRST COMMUNITY WITH A LOT OF FUN AND ADVANTAGE, AND BEING EVEN THE FASCIST FUN. IS FUN A BETTER UTENSIL FOR METAMORPHOSIS THAN SERIOUSNESS? A: Seriousness is sickness, it is not a utensil. It leads to demise, not to permanent life... -and other thug stories from Rajneeshpuram..at the end ;)