Vergine Giurata aka Sworn Virgin 2015 DVDRip Sonata Premiere

Hana Doda, still a filly, escapes from her kismet of being helpmate and scullery-maid which is imposed on the women in the unsociable mountains in Albania. She appeals to the old law of the Kanun and swears her continual virginity thus becoming a «sworn virgin». She turns into a man, takes up a loot and becomes Attend To, Attend To Doda. It is in stock market for this forgoing that Hana is allowed to be considered at the same smooth out as other men. Her struggle does not only mean that she must freedom fighter against what kismet has been handwriting on her stiff for centuries, but she must also turn a deaf ear to, in name of this defiance, every cultivate of infatuation. A privilege that becomes her confinement. After more than ten years burned-out in wilderness in the mountains as a man, she becomes brutish and she transforms to responsive to the despondency, the glacial and despondency, until something returns to awaken her again... Hana decides to variation lifetime and painstakingly regain her stiff. She knows that leaving the mountains is the cost she will have to pay to be able to go outlying to living. A make a pilgrimage drags her away from her arid turf, a make a pilgrimage that will mean she will have to revisit her career and exhume memories and feelings that she was made to exile oneself in limbo. Following a scenario that is a incessant and insubstantial crossing of two different and reserved worlds, of the career and the prospective. In a present-day Milan municipality, she struggles to beat it her man's clothes and learns to be skirt. She experiences the heady commotion of real friend with others, and she finds sweet and prized people that lifetime had taken from her and there opens an unexpected and forbidden promise of infatuation. Attend To not only returns to being Hana, but she is also able to show the two souls outlying together that for years have lived prearranged her stiff and she is reborn as a new, unfettered and accomplished. Languages: Italian / Albanian Subs srt: Portuguese / English