A top-unpublishable Soviet spy spacecraft -- using stolen Western technology -- malfunctions and then goes into a descent that lands it near an sequestered Arctic check in encampment called Ice Install Zebra, affinity to the British, which starts sending out disaster signals before falling mute. The atomic submarine Tigerfish, commanded by Cmdr. James Ferraday (Astonish Hudson), is dispatched with orders to get to Ice Install Zebra carrying three passengers, a Englishman going by the name of David Jones (Patrick McGoohan), a Soviet snake in the grass named Boris Vaslov (Ernest Borgnine), and an American Maritime narc, Captain Anders (Jim Brown), who is intended to mandate the Maritime entity assigned to the occupation. Jones is quandary enough, as he is in mandate of the occupation and he prefers to retain as much low-down as it«s possible to do from Ferraday, even at the danger of the Tigerfish»s shelter. Add to that the experience that Anders is uncertain of Vaslov, and Vaslov seems much too searching and is effective even less of what he knows about the occupation, and Ferraday has his hands roundish trying to get these men to the frigid ice &#151; &#151; 600 miles of risky peregrinations -- in just two days. When an shot at to interrupt through the ice -- coupled with some prompt subvert -- kills one man and nearly destroys the knockabout, the men bordering these contending parties start to commiserate with just how luxurious the stakes are for everyone. It turns out that the Soviets want what was aboard that spacecraft as much as the West does; indeed, both sides are frenetic to get it, and, just as much, to keep the other side from getting it -- and they're advance to take it by animal current. Once Ferraday and his men show up at Zebra, they deal a catastrophe and still more nebulousness, with most of the men inert and the butt that Mr. Jones is intended to unquestionable nowhere in support, and he and his two peer men of nebulousness on the spur of the moment showing their manslaughter instincts quite without restraint. And with the rain clearing from the Soviet side first, their planes and their paratroops are closing in on Ferraday, and his interrelated bother of men. STARS.........: Astonish Hudson, Ernest Borgnine, Patrick McGoohan DIRECTOR......: John Sturges WRITERS.......: Douglas Heyes GENRE.........: Danger | Dramatic Art | Thriller IMDB RATING...: 6.6/10 6,852 votes IMDB link.....: RUNTIME.......: 2h 29mn SIZE..........: 3.65GB VIDEO CODEC...: x264 (<a href=«/cdn-cgi/l/email-protection» details-cfemail=«a6eecfc1cee6ea928897»[email protected]</a ) RESOLUTION....: 1920x872 ATTRIBUTE RATIO..: 2.20:1 BITRATE.......: 3000 Kbps (3-old-fashioned) FRAMERATE.....: 23.976 fps AUDIO.........: English E-AC3 5.1 512kbps SUBTITLES.....: ENG CHAPTERS......: Yes SOURCE........: Roundish Blu Ray ENCODED BY....: Sartre ENCODE DATE...: 2016-08-23