The Fog (2007) Everyone brainstorm of it as a non-poisonous lightning rage. When Dave Drayton (Thomas Jane) notices a kooky fog on the lake, he thinks nothing of it. When his son, Billy Drayton (Nathan Bet), his neighbor Brent Norton (Andre Braugher), and himself wanderings to the supermarket, the extraordinary happens. On their way to the store, they see the army, the firefighters, and the the coppers, heading toward the fog. When he sees this Brent mentions something about «Project Arrowhead», a cryptic military expect that no one knows about. As they are shopping, they see three army men take industrial action in, just to pick up a few things then leading toward the fog.All eighty of the store«s shoppers had no indicate what was going on until an old man (Jeffery Demunn) runs in the store with a bloody nose and declares «Something in the fog!» He tells them to terminate the door. About five seconds after they do terminate the door, the absolute hoard shakes, as though it was lifted feet above the inform. When David is asked to explore on the generator, the loading cure door was being pushed by something outside. Then there was a gripe heard by Dave. He asks three people to come with him. When Standard the bag-boy(Chris Owen) volunteers to go out, he is taken by a being with burly squid-like tentacles that have mouths, teeth, and arms of their own. When Dave and the other three engagement it off, they dread everyone in the hoard what is out there. After hearing this, Mrs. Carmody(Marcia Gay Wallace)exclaims that it is the end of times and that God is arduous them. People don»t believe it until Mrs.Carmody has almost everyone in the hoard on her side. Does «Project Arrowhead» have anything to do with this? Will Dave Drayton, his son, and his friends prove to be it out conscious of as they prove to be their last defend against this destruction? Or will they be taken by the ghoul-like creatures of «The Mist»? Now on: DVD Typical Example Range 320 pixels Crest 210 pixels Audio Duration 2:05:55 Bit Evaluation In Any Case 24 kbps Audio prove to be-up MPEG Layer — 3 Video Casing evaluation in any case 23 frames/second Information evaluation in any case 34 kbps Video specimen 24 bit Video compression Divx codec