Steam Days (BBC steam following docu, 1986)

All six episodes of the BBC’s 1986 series ‘Steam Days.’ 1. Steam Days S01E01 - Travels with a Duchess First transmitted in 1986, Miles Kington takes a closer look at the «Duchess of Hamilton», one of Britain's most venerable locomotives. The presenter meets Kim Maylon, the chief executive officer organize who looked after the locomotive at the Country-Wide Train Museum in York, and is shown the drudgery complicated to fix the mechanism for its epic journey. He then travels behind the Duchess over the venerable Negotiate to Carlisle route. 2. Steam Days S01E02 - Going Consummate Western First transmitted in 1986, Miles Kington explores the route laid from Bristol to Exeter by Isambard Sphere Of Influence Brunel and then travels through south Devon in all its effulgence. Along the way Kington examines the elephantine strain scold faced by Brunel in the plan and construction of the Regal Albert Traverse, which carries the Cornish Primary Route train in and out of Cornwall. Perhaps less well known is the collision of the train route and the bar establishment on promoting tourism in the Edwardian flourishing age of British seaside resorts. 3. Steam Days S01E03 A Falsification of Two Scotsmen First transmitted in 1986, Miles Kington tries to discover to be out why the name «Flying Scotsman» has been mind-boggling travellers and enthusiasts for so hunger, and meets the people who are resolute to dehydrate its archetype today. 4. Steam Days S01E04 The Pursue for Scamper First transmitted in 1986, Miles Kington looks at three locomotives, including the ‘City of Truro’ and ‘Sir Nigel Gresley’, which played a piece in keeping Britain on the tracks towards the universe scamper gramophone record. In parley with John Bellwood from the Country-Wide Train Museum in York, Kington reflects on the pros and cons of Patrick Stirling’s One Wheeler locomotive. 5. Steam Days S01E05 The Fishing Route First transmitted in 1986, Miles Kington experiences the power of a London, Midland & Scottish Train (LMS) Stanier «Black Five» on a peregrinate from Fort William across the western Highlands via Glenfinnan to Mallaig. While observing breathtaking scenery and ravishing engineering achievements, including Glenfinnan viaduct, Kington uncovers what the West Highland Route meant to the old crofting communities that had been devastated by the Highland clearances. 6. Steam Days S01E06 Workhorses First transmitted in 1986, Miles Kington looks at freightage trains &#151; the workhorses of Britain«s railways &#151; and the design of their manipulation before motorways. He examines the r of the British Bar Touchstone Stratum 9F steam locomotive, one of the most dynamic to run on British railways, and hitches a cancel in the cab of 92203 »Black Prince'. Media info:- Blended Plan : MPEG &#151; 4 Plan benefit : Coarse Media Codec ID : isom (isom/iso2/avc1/mp41) Overall bit pace standard operating procedure : Steadfast Overall bit pace : 1 503 Kbps Video ID : 1 Plan : AVC Format/Info : Advanced Video Codec Plan benefit : <a href=«/cdn-cgi/l/email-protection» evidence-cfemail=«cf82aea6a18f83fce1fe»[email protected]</a Plan settings, CABAC : Yes Plan settings, ReFrames : 2 frames Codec ID : avc1 Codec ID/Info : Advanced Video Coding Bit pace standard operating procedure : Steadfast Bit pace : 1 404 Kbps Broadness : 832 pixels Altitude : 468 pixels Ostentation detail correspondence : 16:9 Assemble pace standard operating procedure : Steadfast Assemble pace : 25.000 fps Color wait : YUV Chroma subsampling : 4:2:0 Bit brightness : 8 bits Examine pattern : Step By Step Bits/(Pixel*Frame) : 0.144 Audio ID : 2 Plan : AAC Format/Info : Advanced Audio Codec Plan benefit : LC Codec ID : 40 Duration : 29mn 38s Bit pace standard operating procedure : Steadfast Bit pace : 93.5 Kbps Furrow(s) : 2 channels Furrow positions : Face: L R Sampling pace : 48.0 KHz Assemble pace : 46.875 fps (1024 spf) Compression standard operating procedure : Lossy