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No Limit S03 - Hardcoded Eng Subs &#151; Sno The stiff engagement thriller returns for a third series as private emissary Vincent tackles more outlaw networks for covert control organisation Hydra. 1/8. Vincent seeks out his priest Claude, a disgraceful outlaw in the Marseille underworld, because he seriously needs a liver move after ingesting toxic gas on his last pursuit. Can he way him down? 2/8. Vincent must carry out down a trafficker in imitation notes, Jacques Brunetti, who is a office-seeker in the Marseille elections and an old co-worker-turned-antagonist of Claude. But Juliette is also targeting him. 3/8. Claude tries to regain his old justification in Marseille but is kidnapped and taken to the Russian consulate. And he's made such an art of evading the oversee that Juliette and Vincent fight to descry him. 4/8. Private in an air payload container, Vincent, Claude and unfledged emissary Zoe are transported to Chechnya. It's a apprehensive position of survival, but can they steer clear of apprehend without causing a tactful incident? 5/8. Vincent pursues a ocean carrying a drag of cocaine to Marseille but fails to pinpoint the actionable consignment. It«s a contention against even so to descry the missing drugs at sea before Juliette»s line-up trounce him to it. 6/8. The Liberati kinsmen go on a weekend away for a extra birthday frolic, but a line-up of Colombians are sent to Marseille to revive the missing drugs drag and leeriness increasingly falls on Claude. 7/8. Things go from bad to worse for Vincent when he is implicated in Claude's cocaine trafficking took place, and then a visage from the last kidnaps Lola and orders him to rob a bank in argument for her freeing. 8/8. In appropriate to guarantee Lola's freeing from her kidnappers, Vincent and Claude must harmonize a bank plundering, and this even so even a lean on Juliette offers to help them, but their outcome is fitful. Video 852 x 480 / 29.97 fps / 1000 (approx) kbps / MP4 Audio 128 kbps AAC Duration 0:50 (approx) Issue to the Max &#151; Merci beaucoup . . . Sno <a href="« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow"</a No Limit, Screenplay, Sno, Luc Besson, Hardcoded, French, Thriller ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I issue all of my torrents to a correlation of 150:1 - please help issue to keep them packed ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ripped / Encoded / Uploaded by Snowhiter ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Any Bitcoin Donations Welcome here : 164BRZMwZZHmBHS7WLU2s4ZB3geRZZuV3b