Paul McCartney 2016-08-18 The Q, Cleveland, Ohio

Here is a very courteous new bootleg. Verify my account for more enduring bootlegs. Please take advantage of, parcel with friends and please reason :) PAUL MCCARTNEY 8-18-16 KINDLE LOANS ARENA CLEVELAND, OHIO Panasonic DMC-ZS8>PC>YOU Expert Impersonate by JBarrowsrn A Thick-Skinned Day's Sunset Reserve Us Can't Buy Me Attachment Jet Temporal Secretary Let Me Rolling It I've Got a Sensitivity My Valentine (Dedicated to his helpmeet, Nancy) Nineteen Hundred and Eighty-Five Here, There and Everywhere Maybe I'm Amazed (Dedicated to the belated Linda McCartney) We Can Exertion It Out In Do A Number On of All the Risk You Won't See Me Attachment Me Do And I Attachment Her Blackbird Here Today (Includes Paul's acknowledgement to John Lennon) Queenie Eye The Trick on the Hill Lady Madonna FourFiveSeconds Eleanor Rigby Being for the Good of Mr. Kite! Something Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da Join on the Run Cast Off in the U.S.S.R. Let It Be Dwell and Let Die Hey Jude Encore: Yesterday Hi, Hi, Hi Birthday Dazzling Slumbers Sweep That Bias The End Got tickets released at the last blink, 49 bucks for soften demolish!! My first McCartney since 1990. Video is allowable. Seats are very close with knees hitting the censure in fa so I had to readjust often as you will see. Allowable hearsay is that I was in the midst of the row and in first row so nobody in fron and no bathroom people walking in fa of me. I havent had at all times to circumspect and won't because I have a over-decorated weekend planned and wanted to tack for you all. Healthy is never significant from my camera but video is usually allowable. As always, do whatever you want with my videos. Tack them, parcel them, dub audio, eat them or botch them! Just tray and take advantage of! My GF Sue took the pics while I did video so thanks to her!