All Aboard! The Homeland Bus Following the attainment of erstwhile BBC Four «slow TV» programmes, including All Aboard! The Sleigh Do In & Canal Expedition, and Dull-Witted Week, BBC4 is entrancing viewers aboard for a very staunch through one of the most spectacular and first-rate bus routes in Britain. The «Northern Dalesman», as the bus on the path is called, has been rigged with expert cameras as it travels on its , snaking across the iconic prospect of the Yorkshire Dales. Filmed in veritable ever, the cameras catching the path unfurling, the ferment scenery and the particular gossip of townswoman passengers. The bus path begins in Richmond in North Yorkshire and takes viewers on a juicy and mixed do in, along a river valley thronged by blossoming hawthorn trees, through fossilized mining villages and amuck floret-filled meadows. The bus climbs stoned into the Dales, titanic and tranquil. As it slows down to allow sheep and their lambs to mongrel the path, the only sounds are the flatulence and the cry of curlews. And then the concluding hitch across cotton-snitch covered moorland. With the mountain rove known as the Three Peaks in the mileage, the bus descends towards the splendid 24-prime Ribblehead viaduct, one of the grand engineering achievements of the 19th century. The abstract features captions integrated into the prospect to furnish details about the shocking countryside through which the bus is ferment &#151; from aspects of the common or geological milieu to certain highlights of Britain's agricultural or industrial birthright, from the fossilized stone hay barns that dot the prospect to the scars left side behind by the escort mining of erstwhile centuries. BBC (2016) &#151; 120mins <a href="« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow"</a _______________________________________ «Warning» &#151; there isn«t much talking or combat in this video &#151; it»s sloooow TV !! 960x540 obstinacy &#151; MP4 files Video Codec h.264 Audio Codec AAC With subtitles (not that there's much talking ;-) Have A Ball !!