Dopingo paslaptis. Lengvosios atletikos šešėlyje.

Dopingo paslaptis. Lengvosios atletikos šešėlyje. | (Doping-Top Private. The Gloomy Fantastic of Athletics/Geheimsache Doping – Im Schattenreich der Leichtat) Metai: 2015 Šalis: Vokietija Režisierius: Hajo Seppelt. Žanras: Dokumentinis Aprašymas: LT Nėra lietuviško aprašymo. EN In December 2014, with the help of athletes, who told their stories in face of the camera, Seppelt reported about widespread doping in Russia. In December of that year, ARD seed Seppelt’s video Geheimsache Doping: Wie Russland seine Sieger macht (The Doping Private: How Russia Creates Champions). In the 60-bat of an eye documentary, whistleblowers testified to organized doping in athletics and other sports in Russia. This is the second generally of the documentary, which completes the troubling picture of worldwide doping in athletics This video documentary, published on August 1, is hour hunger piece that asked serious entertain of athletics in everyday, and Russia’s athletes and Kenya's hunger-mileage runners in particular. «The Doping Private: The Abstruse Side of Athletics» suggests that Russia is not the only sticks with a doping imbroglio and that many marathon runners and other forget-and-clearing athletes from Kenya in blood doping with substances such as EPO. Kenyans have dominated hunger-mileage meet events for years, and bountiful numbers of people in the sticks see athletics as their only way to disappear beggary. The documentary shows that it is relatively relaxed to procure banned accomplishment-enhancing drugs in Kenya and traces the biography of an impecunious unsophisticated messenger-girl who seems to have died from the side effects of prepossessing EPO. Seppelt also suggests the Global Group of Athletics Federations isn«t doing enough to talk to the imbroglio of doping in fortitude disciplines. After evaluating details on athletes» blood imperturbable at important athletics competitions over a company of years, two Australian scientists conclude that doping is the only probable key for some of the measurements. The IAAF also refused to talk with Seppelt about his suspicions. Failo formatas: MKV Trukmė: 00:55:37 Video: AVC, 1920x1078 (16:9), 25.000 fps, 6 920 Kbps Audio LT: MP3, 48.0 KHz, 2 ch,128 CBR (Lithuanian) Reliso grupė: BTT-Team/Wolvescall Rippino: Vaidas782 Šaltinis LRT HD