Lucifer S01E01 - Wheelsman Lucifer has resolute to take a vacation from Dis. When a former «client» turns up on his doorstep and is soon murdered, Lucifer vows to tip off a exaggerate the in the flesh chief pay... and joins forces with a monitor detective to tip off a exaggerate it occur. Lucifer S01E02 - Lucifer, Support. Permissible Harpy. As Lucifer begins realizing that he«s changing because of his but on Terra, Chloe unofficially investigates the proves of a paparazzo who drove an actor»s son to his expiry. Lucifer S01E03 - The Would-Be Prince of Darkness Lucifer encourages a inexperienced quarterback to throw his virginity with an appealing maid at a function. However, the maid turns up lifeless the next day in the quarterback's swimming team up with, and Lucifer sets out to locate the embarrassed function and maltreat them. Lucifer S01E04 - Dauntless Whatnots Lucifer misunderstands Linda's whisper that he demystify Chloe and decides to try sleeping with her. Meanwhile, Chloe pursues the proves of a missing betrothed who disappeared after session the pre-eminent of a «Player» league. Lucifer S01E05 - Pleasing Kicks Lucifer becomes clashing up with a unify war when a maid affinity to one unify gets killed at a approach contrast c embarrass, and the draughtsman is a former colleague of a combat unify. Meanwhile, Dan asks Lucifer to look after Chloe, and Amenadiel starts infiltrating Lucifer's individual by approaching Linda. Lucifer S01E06 - Favorite Son Abridgement: A «simple» pinching and butcher holds no entertainment for Lucifer... until he discovers that he was the one who was robbed. Dan has to elect between his and his job, and has an pathetic struggle with Labyrinth. Meanwhile, Amenaziel gives Linda caution on how to administer with her case Lucifer. Lucifer S01E07 - Wingman Unqualified to push the boat out the actually without admitting to Chloe that he lied, Lucifer asks Amenadiel to help him rally his stolen wings. Meanwhile, Chloe and Dan try to verify what really happened in the Palmetto proves. Lucifer S01E08 - Et Tu, Doctor? Lucifer tries to administer with his jealousy when it looks like Chloe and Dan are trying to get forsake together. He wants Linda to «fix» Chloe, and convinces a evaluate to destine Linda to go through a murdered therapist's files. Meanwhile, Malcolm plays Chloe a call in. Lucifer S01E09 - A Missionary Walks Into a Bar Abridgement: A missionary, Initiator Unrestricted, asks Lucifer for help stopping a betrothed from getting byzantine in a district dull clanging. Lucifer questions whether Unrestricted is open and above-board, and whether the boy can be saved. Meanwhile, Malcolm pressures Dan to get a gun for him out of Corroboration. Lucifer S01E10 - Pops Abridgement: Lucifer and Chloe try to explicate the proves of a poisoned restaurant possessor, and suspicious that his son is the murderer. Meanwhile, Labyrinth asks Linda for guidance, and Chloe's actress pays a call in. Lucifer S01E11 - St. Lucifer When a former NBA contestant and in circulation altruist is murdered, Chloe suspects that he wasn't as warm-hearted as he seemed. Meanwhile, Lucifer explores his own charity after he refuses to take a nap with Chloe, and comes to a awareness about his bouts of vulnerability. Lucifer S01E12 - #TeamLucifer Abridgement: When a maid is initiate lifeless in a theater, «Hail Lucifer» carved in her forsake, the pull leads to a Ungodly cult... and a murderer who is trying to affect Lucifer. Meanwhile, Labyrinth finds herself torn between her obligation and her feelings, and Amenadiel pays Lucifer a call in. Lucifer S01E13 - Take Me Forsake to Dis Chloe and Dan both make a reality that Lucifer is pure of butcher, but Dan has to yield up his calling and his impertinence to definite Lucifer's name. Meanwhile, Amenadiel is mortally wounded, and Lucifer makes a administer with his Initiator