WWE Tuesday Evening Smackdown Finish 2016-08-30 720p AVCHD-SC-SDH

StoneCold420 presents another Weighty Trait 720p H264 announcement for the wrestling fans around the domain here exclusively on The Sea Rover Bay. WWE Tuesday Sunset Smackdown Reside 2016-08-30 720p AVCHD-SC-SDH The Smackdown Reside Preshow is included this week along with the Talking Smack Reside Postshow WWE Tuesday Sunset Smackdown Reside American Airlines Center Dallas, TX August 30, 2016 Dean Ambrose vs Baron Corbin AJ Styles makes an presence Heath Slater and Rhyno vs. The Headbangers Becky Lynch and Naomi vs Natalya and Alexa Glee Hot Orton makes an presence Bray Wyatt comes to the jangling AJ Styles vs Apollo Crews The Hype Bros. vs The Vaudevillains Dolph Ziggler comes to the jangling The Miz with Maryse comes to the jangling Mauro Ranallo, JBL, David Otunga label the act Scott Stanford, Lita, Jerry the Royal Lawler, Booker T drove the preshow This is SDH announcement #2,260 for the wrestling fans from a wrestling fan. First aired and captured from HDMI in H264 AVCHD at 8,000 kbps from the 16:9 widescreen 1280 x 720p accuracy HD outset on 08/30/2016 on the USA HD way on Cox Digital HD Mailgram. Framerate is 29.970 with an unexceptional Video Bitrate of 4,500 kbps in a Weighty Trait 2.94 GB 720p H264 AVCHD MP4 announcement with 48khz 384 kbps AAC 2 way stereo audio the mortify runtime is 1:25:05 the preshow is 28:43 and is 0.97 GB The postshow is 26:09 and 918 MB the tot up proportions of this announcement is 4.82 GB This is my 1,530th certified 720p H264 AVCHD-SC-SDH announcement. Make Merry the Tuesday Sunset Smackdown Reside mortify WWE fans!!! My releases are in MP4 dimensions with AAC 2 way stereo audio so that they are playable with VLC contestant as well as Media Contestant Paragon, Windows Media Contestant, Sony Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Samsung Galaxy S III, IV, V and VI smartphones, iPhone, iPad, and any other devices predisposed to of playing 720p HD MP4 video files. Make Merry the WWE Smackdown mortify wrestling fans and thanks for downloading my WWE Tuesday Sunset Smackdown Reside 2016-08-30 720p AVCHD-SC-SDH announcement. Uploaded by SCSA420 on ThePirateBay NOTICE: PLEASE TAKE ONESELF TO BE SYMPATHIZE UNCAGE TO UPLOAD MY RELEASES ANYWHERE BUT DON'T ADD YOUR NAME TO MY SEVERE TOIL and IF this mortify is uploaded on XWT then please keep the folder and files as they are and DO NOT RENAME the files or retag them with another name!!! Thank You!!! I toil on my own so that I get all the believe for my severe toil each and every week!!! Best Played With Media Contestant Paragon or VLC Contestant StoneCold420 SmackDownHotel August 30, 2016 @SCSA420 on Twittering For SC-SDH releases recoup me on KAT or on The Sea Rover Bay at: https://thepiratebay.org/user/SCSA420 Please authentication out the WrestleReaction mortify on https://WrestleReaction.net