The Chronicles of Nadiya Two- series in which The Vast British Bake Off 2015 prizewinner Nadiya Hussain explores the recipes that have shaped her fondness of cooking BBC (2016) &#151; 2 Episodes <a href="« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow"</a ________________________________________ 832x468 doggedness &#151; MP4 files Video Codec h.264 Audio Codec AAC With subtitles &#151; Get High On !! ________________________________________ Affair 1 of 2 Nadiya Hussain visits her kinsfolk village near Sylhet in the north east of the Bangladesh. Using resident display and techniques she shares her selected recipes, including baked fish with rural mango chutney and a halva called thoosha shinni. As she cooks she reveals the roots of Bangladeshi cuisine. When she is invited to a relative's allying, Nadiya decides to bake a three-tiered pumpkin memorialization lump for the bride. It is a resolving she may have small amount twice about if she had realised the only available oven would be in an industrial bakery. This sprawl is also a unpremeditated to reconnect with kinsfolk Nadiya has not seen since her own arranged wedlock over ten years ago, and it proves to be a persuasive sprawl down tribute lane. Affair 2 of 2 Nadiya has just forth a week with her kinsfolk in Sylhet, and in this affair, she is backdrop off on her own to cook her way around Bangladesh and learn more about the fatherland, its people and its comestibles. In the first-rate burg, Dhaka, Nadiya spends all at once with a contribution that delivers style dinners to some of the country's most disadvantaged children and she cooks coconut and fennel samosas as a amusing remedying for the kids. Invited to peregrinations south from Dhaka aboard one of the last residual rise rapidly steamer commuter ferries, Nadiya cooks the captain and team a amusing goat biryani to say thank you. As she travels deeper into Bangladesh, she visits a trifling Hindu fishing village on the banks of the Padma, where she learns about an antique fishing method that uses trained otters, and she cooks one of her selected dishes &#151; grilled chicken with shatkora pickle &#151; to dividend with the fisherman and his kinsfolk. Nadiya's odyssey continues across Bangladesh as she meets and learns from comestibles entrepreneurs and experiences a side of newfangled Bangladesh she never knew existed. As her endanger comes to an end, she returns to her kinsfolk village to dividend one last victuals &#151; beef curry with spiced okra and rice chapatis &#151; and say her goodbyes, filled with optimism and overconfidence and a better mind of herself and Bangladesh