ABC Four Corners - Cyber War (2016)

** Featuring Kevin Mitnick ** Cyber War: How hackers are impending everything from your bank account to the nation's secrets. In a allowance, designing innards everted a Las Vegas hostelry, the world's best hackers are conclave. «You have to go into a backroom... there you«re going to feel about a dozen teams playing against each other, no more than a hundred people. These are really the world»s cyber elite.» Unnatural Mother Wit developer They«re here to struggle against each other and they»re being watched by cyber warfare agencies the just ecstatic over, not for prosecution, but for recruitment. They have the skills needed to wage espionage and warfare in the up to the minute age. On Monday ceaselessly Four Corners takes you into the just ecstatic of cyber hacking, where the weapon of preference is computer cryptogram. «In WWII we bombed and destroyed the electrical infrastructure of our enemies. Now we have the facility through a cyber disparage to just segregate the grid down.» Former CIA Top Dog Michael Hayden Featuring an examine with the former steer of the CIA and the NSA, Michael Hayden, he explains how the mother wit calling has changed with teenaged hackers parachuted into supersensitive operational activities. «Right ok, take out the power grid... Red Span power is going down, what I want you to look at now, do as much mutilate as you can.» Australian Cyber Trainer We take you into the acrimonious irascible quickness where Australian soldiers are being trained in the arts of cyber warfare — where their computer skills can be used to segregate down a power grid or cut off a city's latin aqua stockpiling. «The Australian Superintendence knows it needs to tend these things... and will with to utmost to brace up ahead of whatever the presage circumstances is.» Australian Govt Cyber Counsellor And will let on the cardinal Australian companies and institutions that have establish themselves hacked. «They«re so designing innards everted our network it»s like we had someone sitting over our frankly for anything we did.» IT steer It«s not just country states that are in the hacking calling, it»s also criminals, and as the program demonstrates, it's frighteningly amicable to run-of-the-mill our lives. If you have a elegant phone, if you use internet banking, if you stockpile your data «in the cloud» then you are at danger. «Cybercrime poses one of the greatest challenges to law enforcement this century. No longer do we have that who carries a firearm and wears a balaclava to conceal their agreement. It's a lot more worthwhile and a lot easier for someone to pick up a laptop, sit in the consolation of their parlour allowance behind the anonymity of the internet and take the bank for millions of dollars.» Australian The Old Bill Gendarme
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