The Sky Calls (Nebo Zovyot) USSR 1959 Russian , Eng sub

The Sky Calls (Nebo Zovyot) USSR 1959 Russian , Eng sub mkv looks. run moment 77 mins IMDb./tt0053103 Consolidation from IMDb and wiki: Directed by Valery Fokin Produced by Mikhail Karyukov Aleksandr Kozyr Screenplay by Aleksei Sazonov, Yevgeni Pomeshchikov with Mikhail Karyukov Music by Yuliy Meitus, performed by Vyacheslav Mescherin Cinematography Nikolai Kulchitsky Edited by L. Mkhitaryyanch Making companions Dovzhenko Mist Studios Power Soviet Harmoniousness Argot Russian Nebo Zovyot (Russian: translit. Nebo zovet, lit. The Sky Beckons or The Heavens Motion) is a Soviet body of laws-fiction advertise mist, produced by Aleksandr Kozyr and Mikhail Karyukov, and filmed at the Dovzhenko Mist Studios in 1959. A Soviet meticulous alacrity is being ready as the world's first commission to planet Mars. Their measure out transport Homeland has been built at a measure out position, where the alacrity awaits the demand to start. An American transport Typhoon experiencing insensible problems arrives at the same measure out position, secretly having the same plans for the triumph of the Red Planet. Trying to keep vanguard of the Soviets, they start without appropriate preparation, and soon are again in unhappiness. My notes The Sky Calls is available on Youtube. That's where I saw it after watching a favorite called «Tumarest Andromedy» numerous times. I have made the gushing so that interested viewers have moment to enquiry the mist for it's status and initial use of many techniques for body of laws fiction adopted later in the West. Also the Youtube says Eng subs but has none. This is a very everyday assay place in order which I proffer since it can lickety-split. Model unshackle tools are used to encode from the indigenous (which was very unselfish) to what you see. VLC media thespian can pile the unrequisite subtitle place in order from it's recourse at top of camouflage. Notes written September 3rd, 2016