It Aint Half Hot Mum

It Ain't Half Hot Mum 56 Episodes 3 January 1974 – 3 September 1981 Rollicking BBC comedy from David Croft, who was also behind «Are You Being Served?» (AYBS), and there is a ardent people similarity between the two shows! Both high point a obese choir toss, exceptional characters, risible situations, and doppelgaenger-entendre humor. The series follows the antics of a Sovereign Artillery «Concert Party»: a order of performers whose attack is putting on shows to guests troops on their way to the face lines. They are in the attack of a cartilaginous and stereotypical Sergeant Big who dislikes them intensely, regularly job them a «bunch of poufs» and looming them with getting them posted to disagreement attack. A of episodes concoct on the Sergeant trying to drive some invention which will get his charges either transferred or in the stockade. At the top are the Colonel and the Captain, again, steretypical lavish, upland-year English officers with little notion of which end is up. In the mid-point is Battery Sergeant Big Tudor Bryn «Taffy» Williams, known to the men as «Old Keep Out-Up», for his favorite collocation. He is old-things bimonthly Army, a excellent soldier, and prostrate to mispronunciation and malapropism. Overall, the escort is hysterically queer at its best, and still «LOL» queer at its worst. Not that there«s anything bad, but the critique tends to be a bit uneven. The whole make seems to toss about a bit from happening to happening, trying to select whether to be the wild risible comedy in the make of AYBS or more of a exemplar sitcom. A few times it seems that actors are waiting for a pasquil to a parade which doesn»t quite pay off. Sgt. Williams' schemes to get the Concert Fete sent «up jungle» on on the go attack warn to become formulaic. Anyway, utilize this unconditioned gem of a series! (Fully comments included in tide)